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Asteks targets Asian and African markets

with its advanced grinding solutions


Asteks, focusing on Asia, the dynamo of the global textile industry, and Africa, the rising star of the global textile industry, successfully reaches local manufacturers with its advanced grinding solutions, apron and cots. The company participated in ITMA ASIA + CITME in Shanghai and ITME Africa in Kenya.

Asteks, the specialist in high-quality apron and cots types as well as advanced grinding and automation solutions, demonstrated its claim in the global market at the exhibitions it participated in. The company participated in ITMA ASIA + CITME, the largest textile technologies exhibition of the Asian market, held in Shanghai on 19-23 November, and ITME Africa 2023 in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, on 30 November - 3 December, and managed to attract great interest from the visitors. By participating in these events, taking place one after the other in different locations of the global textile industry, Asteks showed both its high quality product portfolio and its service power that can reach any location. 

Stating that China is still the world's largest market with a spindle capacity of over 80 million, Asteks Overseas Sales Responsible Taner Engin said that they addressed a very large supply potential at the exhibition when the installed capacity in the surrounding region is taken into account. Saying; “Taking part in ITMA ASIA + CITME, which is held in one of the most active and vibrant production centres of the global market, was important in terms of showcasing both our high-quality products and our service power reaching these local markets”, Engin emphasised that the exhibition ended successfully for them.

Engin stated that costs have increased significantly in the Chinese market as in the rest of the world, noting that local sector representatives have shown great interest in high-quality, long-lasting and technically superior aprons and cots. He remarked; “The textile industry is experiencing supply chain challenges and the preference for higher quality solutions is becoming widespread as a way to cope with rising costs. We see this in other countries, especially in China. We are able to offer them the quality they are looking for at an attractive price. Therefore, China is turning into an interesting market for us, and the exhibition we attended to utilise this potential provided good results in line with our targets.” He indicated that during the ITMA ASIA + CITME, they had the opportunity to meet not only with Chinese textile manufacturers but also with visitors from textile producing countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia and India. Noting that they hosted visitors from the Latin American region such as Mexico and Brazil as well as Asia, Engin said that they were pleased to have a global communication and interaction network.

All aprons and cots as well as 401-SF&M grinding machine were on display

Explaining that they exhibited samples from almost all apron and cot solutions in their product portfolio at the exhibition in Shanghai, Taner Engin noted that they exhibited their latest model 401-SF&M fully automatic grinding machine in the machine group. Pointing out that this innovative model with an intelligent feeding system and two independent grinding units provides unmatched efficiency and standard in the grinding process, he mentioned the new model that attracted great interest as follows; “Our 401-SF&M cot grinding machine, which we exhibited in actual operation, was closely examined and highly appreciated by the visitors with its versatile functionality, advanced technology and automation level. This solution has become a very attractive choice for those who work intensively and operate high-capacity spindle systems.”

Engin underlined that Asteks has a wide product portfolio in this field emphasising that quality and longevity have now become the basic demand in apron and cot products used intensively by yarn manufacturers. He indicated that special Gesa multiple holes compact spinning machine aprons stood out in the exhibition informing that this apron was used in the spinning machines at the booths of some of the leading machine manufacturers in the exhibition. Engin disclosed; “The special Gesa multiple holes aprons specially developed for compact yarn production machines attracted the attention of the visitors both with the samples at our booth and with their performance in operation at the booths of the machine manufacturers.”

African and Middle Eastern markets offer great potential

Taner Engin mentioned that Asteks participated in the ITME Africa 2023 held in Nairobi emphasising that the African market has entered into a growth process by attracting significant investments in recent years. Indicating that the exhibition targets professionals from the textile centres in the east and south of the continent as well as Kenya, Engin said; “Africa is turning into a new investment base in textile. China, India and other manufacturing countries have started to settle in the regions of this continent. This region offers attractive options for them to reduce increasing costs and to reach developed markets faster. In this context, ITME Africa has turned into a technology show with the participation of global brands and it has been very successful for us.”

Pointing out that the Middle East region, particularly Africa and Egypt, has a high development potential and has large spinning investments, Engin said that they anticipate a significant demand for apron and cot as a result of these investments. He remarked that they closely follow the opportunities in these markets with the wide range of apron and cot products in their portfolio as well as advanced grinding machine models.

Engin underlined that Asteks will continue its market diversification to increase its strength in the global market informing that they will participate in exhibitions in a wide geography in 2024. He added that Egystitch 2024 in Cairo, DTG 2024 in Dhaka, Indo Intertex 2024 in Jakarta, Saigontex 2024 in Saigon, ITM 2024 in Istanbul, Caitme 2024 in Tashkent and ITMA ASIA + CITME in Shanghai stand out among the exhibitions Asteks will attend.

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The address of innovations in cots grinding machines,  Asteks, continued its success at ITMA 2023


Asteks, participating in ITMA 2023, which brought the global textile industry together after four years, has become a favourite destination for new investments of textile manufacturers with its apron and cots as well as its advanced grinding technology.

Asteks, a specialist in durable and long-lasting apron and cots as well as advanced grinding and automation technologies, met with the global textile industry at ITMA 2023, the international textile machinery exhibition held on June 8-14. Sharing its latest solutions and corporate vision during the exhibition in Milan, Asteks achieved strong expectations for the second half of 2023 and 2024. While the new generation 401-SF&M cots grinding machine exhibited at the Asteks booth attracted great interest from the visitors, the latest R&D solution UV-305 cots surface treatment machine, which can work integrated with this solution, was also introduced for the first time.

Asteks Marketing and Sales Manager Sabri İlknur said the following in his evaluation of the exhibition; “There were serious growth expectations on a global scale after the ITMA 2019 in Barcelona was completed with great success. However, with the pandemic that broke out at the end of the year, there was recession in all markets and interruptions in the supply chain. Therefore, serious problems arose in investments and orders at numerous points. With the pandemic behind us, ITMA 2023 in Milan has gained great importance for the sector in this period of re-normalisation and growth dynamics have increased their effectiveness. As Asteks, we achieved a result that met our expectations at ITMA 2023, which we attended in order to strengthen our connection with the revitalised markets and reach potential new customers. The real success of ITMA will be determined by the conversion of the meetings at the exhibition into real sales agreements later on. We received very positive signals in this direction.”

401-SF&M and UV-305 integration attracted the attention of textile manufacturers

Asteks, highlighting its rich product range and expertise in grinding during ITMA 2023, had the opportunity to directly introduce its technologies, which are 100% the product of its own R&D studies, as well as its apron and cots recognised in the global market. The new generation high efficiency 401-SF&M Grinding Machine exhibited at the booth was closely examined by the visitors and made an impression with its performance and automation capability. UV-305 cots surface treatment machine, the newest of Asteks product portfolio, was also introduced to the visitors for the first time. UV-305, which can work integrated with 401-SF&M, sets new standards for the operating efficiency and grinding quality of spinning mills.

Sabri İlknur stated that the textile industry has started to experience a serious transformation due to digitalisation and sustainability demands, and explained that the solutions they introduced at the exhibition have the design and functional features to respond to these demands. İlknur continued his words as follows; “Asteks has gone beyond positioning itself only as an apron and cots manufacturer and has transformed into a technology company. We underline our identity as a technology manufacturer in all exhibitions we attend and introduce the solutions we have developed. These two integrated solutions, which we introduced at ITMA, speed up and facilitate the work in the grinding departments, while preventing manual errors and increasing working comfort. With its high automation capability and functionality, our 401-SF&M cots grinding machine has gained great appreciation since the first day it was introduced to the market. Our new UV-305 cots surface treatment machine that we developed in the next step to make the grinding process continuous and automated, offers a significant capacity increase to enterprises. It is not possible for Industry 4.0, digitalisation and sustainability demands not to affect the grinding departments, and as Asteks, we have shown that we offer pioneering solutions to textile manufacturers in this regard.”

Asteks welcomed visitors from all points of the global market at its booth

Sabri İlknur said that they met with textile manufacturers from various markets during the exhibition and added that they hosted visitors from target markets as well as existing markets. İlknur stated that visitors from Türkiye, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, Turkmenistan and South American countries reached significant numbers. Noting that there is an increase in demand in the markets where textile production is present, İlknur said that the effect of the ITMA 2023 exhibition on orders and sales can be seen more clearly by the end of the year.

İlknur reminded that they have a wide product range and explained that in addition to apron and cots types and grinding machines, solutions such as cots fitting presses, measuring devices, cots UV device, felt cleaning machine were also considered in the meetings at the exhibition with the investment and operating advantages they provide.

Sustainability and digitalisation are key trends in the textile industry

Sabri İlknur said that sustainability and digital transformation were the main themes of ITMA 2023 and numerous companies exhibited their innovations in this field and emphasised that Asteks has been creating added value for textile manufacturers in this field for a long time. Sabri İlknur noted; “Today, when the climate crisis is being discussed and solutions are being sought, the environmental footprint of textile production is more prominent than ever before” and concluded his words as follows; “The new technologies developed focus on efficient production and recycling processes as well as saving raw materials and energy. There are now new criteria at each stage of the supply chain in textile production. As Asteks, we contribute to minimising the carbon footprint of textile manufacturers with the long-lasting and durable aprons and cots we develop and produce in spinning. In addition, our new technologies with high automation capability not only eliminate manual errors in the grinding process, but also guarantee standardised quality and long-lasting operation. Our new solutions are developed on the axis of digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and of course sustainability and are praised in the market.”

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ASTEKS to show its grinding expertise

to the global textile industry at ITMA 2023


Asteks will exhibit various solutions at ITMA 2023, including the 401-SF&M cots grinding machine, which provides investment and operating cost advantages to yarn manufacturers, and the new integrated UV-305 Cots’ Surface Treatment Machine by UV.

Asteks, one of Türkiye’s leading brands in the global textile market, will take part in ITMA 2023 to be held in Milan on June 8-14 with its advanced cots grinding and automation solutions. At the exhibition where digitalisation and sustainability will be at the forefront, visitors will be able to see the latest spinning and automation solutions at Asteks booth 102 D in Hall 1. In addition to the well-known apron and cots varieties in the market, the new generation 401-SF&M cots grinding machine and the newest in the portfolio UV-305 Cots’ Surface Treatment Machine will stand out at the Asteks booth. Preparing to share its technological power and innovative R&D vision with the global textile industry at the exhibition, the company focuses on contributing to textile enterprises to meet sustainability criteria and catch the Industry 4.0 revolution.

Asteks Marketing and Sales Manager Sabri İlknur said that the ITMA 2023 is being organised at a time when the global textile industry has entered a growth trend again, and explained that they will make the best use of this platform in terms of the strategic growth plans in exports that they implemented in 2017. İlknur stated that they always focus on offering innovative products to the textile industry and disclosed: “Our aprons and cots, which we have been successfully producing for numerous years and constantly increasing their variety, contribute positively to the operating cost on the one hand and to the yarn quality on the other hand with their high durability and long life. Our technical products have been the biggest help for spinners against the diversification of natural and synthetic fibre types used in the industry and increasing fibre pollution problems. For those who want more efficiency and quality in spinning, we will have innovations and surprises at ITMA 2023.”


Stating that Asteks has become a well-known brand in the market as a technology manufacturer in recent years, İlknur announced that the new generation 401-SF&M cots grinding machine will be exhibited at the exhibition. İlknur continued his words as follows: “This high-capacity and fully automated cots grinding machine guarantees productivity, speed and standardised operation for spinners, which has not been possible before. Textile manufacturers coming to our booth from all over the world will be able to see the advantages of this model with two independent grinding units (for the cots for ring spinning frames and roving frames as well as for drawing frames and combing frames) when they examine it closely. I should also mention with great pride and happiness that we will be launching the UV-305 Cots’ Surface Treatment Machine at this exhibition. This technological innovation, which will make a significant contribution to cots’ life and yarn quality, will become indispensable for the grinding departments in spinning mills. Moreover, these two technologies of Asteks offer great convenience for operators and serious cost advantages for businesses with their integrated operation.”

Asteks booth will offer a new perspective on productivity for textile manufacturers

Asteks, preparing for ITMA 2023 in an assertive way, will participate in the exhibition with its most demanded and newly developed aprons and cots. Functional aprons and cots, which overcome the difficulties experienced in this field, taking into account that yarn manufacturers process more synthetic fibres, will meet the market. In addition, new generation cots with late contamination feature for drawing frames, which significantly increase the working comfort of cotton-using enterprises while reducing operating costs, are among the solutions to be exhibited.

Introduced by Asteks with the concept of “two machines built-in one”, 401-SF&M cots grinding machine is a unique grinding machine when investment and operation processes are taken into consideration. This innovative machine, which independently processes the short cots for ring spinning frames and roving frames on one grinding unit and the long cots for drawing frames and combing framess on the other grinding unit, also features advanced automation. Thanks to the Smart Feeding System in the machine, the cots do not need to be sorted one by one, they enter the system automatically and easily. 401-SF&M, with its Automatic Unmanned Grinding feature, automatically performs the diameter separation of the cots to be ground, thus preventing staff-related errors. Representing a new generation of design and efficiency with its technical features, this cots grinding machine optionally makes it possible to work integrated with the UV-305 Cots’ Surface Treatment Machine offering a continuous process from buffing to UV treatment, which will be promoted at the exhibition.

Working with synthetic fibres is now much easier with UV-305

UV-305 Cots’ Surface Treatment Machine eliminates the problems that can be experienced in the spinning of synthetic fibres, which are preferred for their lower cost compared to natural fibres. After the grinding process, the surface of the cots is improved by UV treatment, so that the fibres can easily be processed without wrapping the cots. The machine has a smart feeding system, 4000 Watt irradiation power and continuous operation features. The UV-305, which has a much larger capacity than its counterparts in the market, also enables continuous irradiation of the long cots for drawing frames and combing frames. Thanks to the option in integration with the 401-SF&M cots grinding machine, the cots are got ready for use buffed and UV treated in a continuous integrated process without any operator intervention.

Sabri İlknur said that they expect to meet professionals and decision makers from markets such as Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, where they are already present with their machines, cots & aprons, at ITMA 2023. Stating that in addition to these countries, they want to establish new connections with Vietnam and South American markets, which have high potential, İlknur disclosed: “We expect the investments postponed after the recession experienced in the global market by the pandemic to be realised at ITMA 2023. There will be great interest in automation and digital solutions, especially within the scope of sustainability and Industry 4.0, and as Asteks, we will show how we make a difference in our segment.” Stating that the ITMA provides an ideal platform for them to reach target markets and potential customers, İlknur added that sales and marketing experts as well as technical staff will closely be engaging with the visitors.

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Asteks prepares its customers for the industry of tomorrow with the spirit of innovation


Asteks, with a history of more than a half-century, adds value to the textile industry with innovation-oriented activities. Developing aprons, cots and grinding machines, the company also offers solutions in new application areas focused on Industry 4.0.

Aprons, cots and grinding technologies specialist Asteks has succeeded in becoming one of the leading partners of the textile industry with its innovative vision in its sectoral journey that started in 1970. Today, the company continues its production in its modern facility with an area of 11 thousand square metres in Istanbul and exports to the leading markets of the global textile industry. After the restructuring in 1997, Asteks accelerated its R&D activities and thus went beyond being a mere supplier of intermediate goods and became a technology manufacturer.

Asteks R&D and Technical Support Engineer Mesut Yüksel said that innovation has always been one of the fundamental building blocks of the company and pointed out that the investments made in this field will shape the future of the company. Yüksel disclosed; “We do not view innovation only to increase market share in competition and to improve product and service quality. Innovation for Asteks also has a special importance for increasing efficiency in production processes and reducing costs. Transformation and change in the textile industry is faster than ever and continuous innovation is inevitable to keep up. We continue our efforts to keep pace with change for a sustainable life and to be a part of this transformation with our products that have gained value through innovation.”

R&D department, established 15 years ago, turned into a centre for new solutions

Mesut Yüksel, recalling the restructuring in 1997, said that aprons and cots production technologies were purchased from Switzerland, which is famous for its engineering, and ISO studies were carried out during this period. Yüksel stated that R&D studies started about 15 years ago in order to meet demands increasing and diversifying continuously, to be competitive in the market and to offer new products, saying; “Asteks recognised the need for an interdisciplinary structure while establishing its R&D department for innovation activities. For this reason, industrial, chemical and mechanical engineers as well as spinning technologists began to work in a coordinated manner here. As a textile engineer, I have been involved in this team since 2019 in order to develop the technical aspect as well as the practical potential of the researches.”

Explaining that R&D activities focus on both the development of products in the existing field and pioneering new solutions for new application areas, Yüksel stated that Asteks continues these activities uninterruptedly with a significant R&D budget. He noted that Asteks has now turned into a technology developing company thanks to these activities carried out 100% in-house, and added that the new generation aprons and cots attract attention in the market with their increased performance and durability, and the grinding machines with their high automation features.

Yüksel shared the following details about the product development process; “Firstly, there is the Needs Analysis phase. Here, evaluations are made within the framework of feedback and demands from the customers. The second stage, design, is concerned with product design and prototypes are produced. In the development phase, the product is manufactured and tested. Products that successfully pass these processes reach the Marketing stage. Here, marketing strategies of the product are created and introduced to prospective customers. In the fifth and final stage, Distribution, the product now meets the market commercially and after-sales services begin.”


The grinding department is digitalised with Asteks solutions

Mesut Yüksel stated that in addition to the aprons and cots that enabled them to become the leader in the Turkish market, their recent developments in cots grinding processes have also received great acclaim and recognition from textile manufacturers, and emphasised that their work in this field has not lost momentum. Drawing attention to the increase in automation in cots grinding machines, Yüksel said that the grinding process has become faster and easier, while the grinding quality has reached a certain standard. He disclosed; “As of today, our new generation of cots grinding machines are highly automated and digitalised. With each new model, we increase productivity and quality while strengthening automation to avoid manual problems in the grinding process. The software in our machines is completely developed by engineers within Asteks. As a result, we have developed more compact models with each new solution and have become an indispensable partner for the cots grinding departments of spinning mills. This is basically the result of our R&D and marketing success.”

Yüksel, explaining that their R&D activities are not limited to grinding, stated that they have also implemented an important innovation for all industrial enterprises with the Industry 4.0 concept. He noted that the 101-AGV Automatic Guided Load Transport Vehicle, developed by Asteks with the participation of engineers from different disciplines, is an ideal logistics solution for facilities working in large areas, saying that they offer savings and cost advantages to businesses. Yüksel expressed that textile manufacturers also demand innovations in shorter periods of time due to the acceleration in the final consumer and retail segment, and that Asteks meets these demands with its own know-how and production capability.

“Our customers are also our R&D partners”

Mesut Yüksel disclosed that the majority of Asteks's current customers are yarn manufacturers and added that due to the wide variety of fibres processed in spinning, there is a need for different types of aprons and cots and this demand continues to increase. Yüksel stated that it is important for these products to be able to work in accordance with variable parameters, and explained that the characteristic properties of the fibres that aprons and cots can work with are determined and the first tests are carried out in Asteks’ own quality control department. He shared the following details:

“After the tests such as strength, tensile strength, friction coefficient and surface smoothness, trials are carried out in the field and we continue to improve our products with the feedback we receive from our customers. For example, customer demand played a major role in the creation of the S/CTA type apron. The climatic conditions of the mills, the machines on those aprons and cots to be used and the properties of the fibres to be processed were tested in real values in the field. We found that strengthening the rubber structure of the product with carbon reinforcement prevented wear problems and we immediately started to implement it. The Uster test results showed that we were successful in this regard and we achieved customer satisfaction. The development story of our E-750 drafting cots with late contamination feature was similarly developed in the field. Our customers, whom we see as a partner in the product development process, enable us to do better, even to see the new demands that will emerge in the market early and to move forward. Therefore, I would like to thank all our partners and customers for their trust in us.”

Yüksel relayed that there have been demands for sustainability and greener textile production methods in recent years and that technological researches have started in this direction, and said that Asteks has carried out significant researches on these issues and started to offer solutions that create extra value added to the market. He stated that they bring together the latest and competitive Asteks solutions with the industry at the exhibitions they attend, adding that they will show their innovation power to the global market by participating in the ITMA 2023 exhibition to be held in Milan between June 8-14.


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Asteks sets a new productivity threshold with

the new ‘401-SF&M Cots Grinding Machine’


Asteks' newly developed 401-SF&M cots grinding machine performs the grinding process of yarn and roving machine cots in one unit, while grinding the draw frame and combing machine cots in the other independent unit. Representing a great improvement in grinding efficiency, 401-SF&M is also an attractive option with its competitive price.

Expert of advanced grinding solutions Asteks achieved an important innovation for spinning mills through intensive R&D. The 401-SF&M cots grinding machine, which has a smart feeding system and two independent grinding units, enables yarn manufacturers to save a lot on operating costs. Having a unique design, the 401-SF&M offers an automation capability that combines functionality and simplicity in cots grinding. Moreover, this new technology is entering the market at a very competitive price.

With two grinding units operating simultaneously and independently on the Asteks 401-SF&M cots grinding machine, spinning mills can handle more work in less time. While the grinding of the draw frame-combing machine cots is performed ideally on the second grinding unit of the 401-SF&M, the grinding of the ring spinning and roving machine cots continues automatically in the other independent unit.

In standard grinding machines, the machine must be stopped and adjustments must be made for such cots type changes. This leads to a loss of time and productivity. While these losses are eliminated with 401-SF&M, new advantages of an ideal grinding system for yarn manufacturers are obtained. Moreover, without the need for manual feeding, a large number of cots can be grinded with the high-capacity smart feeding system. This means great convenience for the operator who feeds the cots by pouring them into the feeding box without aligning the cots individually, while at the same time saving a great deal of labour for the operation.

Asteks Marketing and Sales Manager Sabri İlknur emphasized the innovative design of 401-SF&M with independent dual grinding concept. İlknur said; “Cots grinding solutions expert Asteks closely follows the developments and demands in the textile industry. The new 401-SF&M cots grinding machine, which we developed through intensive R&D, offers a solution to an important need of spinning mills. While the grinding process of the ring spinning, roving machine cots continues in the smart feeding system, the other grinding unit can also grind the draw frame and combing machine cots. There is neither a loss of time nor efficiency when two independent systems on the same chassis work simultaneously. This is a great advantage considering the recent rising costs”.

Pointing out that the new cots grinding machine has a high level of automation as well as two independent grinding units, İlknur stated that 401-SF&M will set a new standard in the grinding business. Saying; “The 401-SF&M cots grinding machine is an unrivalled solution with its concept and design,” İlknur added that although they have not started intensive promotional activities yet, they have obtained a strong order and sales graphic.

Easy grinding advantage with high automation

Developed through approximately five years of R&D and field work, the 401-SF&M cots grinding machine realizes the concept of high automation on the machine. Thanks to the Smart Feeding System, all top rollers (arbours) are emptied into the feeding box without the need for individual aligning and the process starts automatically. In addition to this feature that saves time and labour, the Automatic Grinding System automatically performs the grinding of the cots coming from the feeding box without personnel intervention.

Cots’ Diameter Measuring System by Laser prevents errors in the grinding process. This system checking the outer diameter of the cots grinds the cots in the dimensions determined by the user and separates the cots outside these dimensions. While this separation, which takes place before the grinding process, does not reduce the efficiency of the machine, delays and malfunctions that may occur due to incorrect measurements are also prevented.

401-SF&M cots grinding machine provides easy operation with its Touch Screen Control Panel. All machine management and settings such as the grinding amount on the cots’ surface, traverse speed or the polishing period can easily be realized with the control panel that have different language options. Furthermore, the PLC Automation System makes it possible to customize all operating settings on demand.

Considerable demand is expected in foreign markets

Asteks Overseas Sales Officer Taner Engin said that the new 401-SF&M has great potential in both domestic and international markets. Engin said; “We know that 401-SF&M will offer significant benefits, especially to compact yarn producers since the need for cots grinding is higher in such those factories. Our new machine will stand out as an ideal cots grinding machine for businesses with high spindle capacity.

The standard and continuous processing of the draw frame and combing machine cots in an independently driven grinding unit will contribute to the efficiency of the preparation lines in the spinning mills”. Saying that they expect this new solution to be accepted quickly in prominent Asian markets such as Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh where Asteks is present, Engin continued his words as follows;

“We have shipped 401-SF&M to JV Skorton Tekstil LLC of Antex Group, one of the leading textile groups in Uzbekistan. Murat Yapı Tekstil, also operating in Turkey, preferred 401-SF&M for its new investment in Malatya.

Likewise, as with Asteks' other grinding solutions, 401-SF&M will write a success story in a short time with its functionality and competitive price. We want to share the happiness of offering a solution that provides more efficiency in cots grinding with all our sector partners”.

Ekleme Tarihi:



Difficult conditions require special solutions…

Asteks’s New Generation Draw Frame Cots

Overcome Difficult Challenges

Asteks’s new generation draw frame cots with late contamination feature offer the performance and long-lasting solution that yarn manufacturers are looking for. Yet, it significantly contributes to increase yarn quality and productivity at even preparation stage.

Yarn manufacturers focus on maintaining their quality and efficiency high, at the same time, lowering their operating costs in the market conditions where fierce competition is taking place. The difficulties of working with contaminated cotton increase the costs in this process. Asteks has recently introduced its new generation draw frame cots, which are successful in the face of contamination that is specially case with the local cottons.

E-750 / HG-650; A new generation of Asteks' draw frame cots, HG-650 finisher drawing frame cots and HG-650 combing frame detaching roller cots have succeeded to become one of the most important component for spinners, in short time. Asteks HG-650, 65 shore draw frame cots, has period of clean stay by 50% longer than compared to similar ones. In field studies, it was observed that this cot needed to be cleaned once in every 2 shifts. HG-650 also has a longer grinding period. Asteks has confirmed that grinding every 60 days is sufficient for efficient work by their field study. With similar products, the grinding requirement is seen as half of this, which means that the life-time of cots is equally lower. These data, compiled by Asteks under real production conditions in the market, differ according to the processes in the mills and the cotton used, but remain at better levels than the similar ones to them.

Another superiority of the new generation cots can be seen in the sliver quality data with better USTER unevenness values. The Asteks HG-650 combing machine drafting cots also provide positive results in terms of USTER quality values compared to other brands as well as the advantage of the easy run against lapping.

Asteks manufactures innovative and functional products

Sabri İlknur, Asteks Marketing and Sales Manager, said that they have started to produce innovative and functional products due to the increasing machine speeds and increasing fibre diversity in recent years. İlknur continued his words as follows; “Achieving and increasing fibre control in the spinning processes are of high importance for both yarn quality and cost management. Draw - Combing frame cots, those we offer, provide spinners the solutions what they are looking for. These cots with late contamination feature, fulfil important tasks in securing the quality and efficiency at following processes enabling fibre control and transfer, better. Customer feedback about the increase in mill efficiency, savings and production quality makes us very happy”.


Bülent Topal, Mariteks Spinning Factory/ Kahramanmaraş Operation Manager:

We have been using Asteks’s new draw frame cots for eight months and we are very satisfied with their performance. Our cleaning periods, which had been hardly long as per a shift, only, with the original sleeves that came with the machines, were easily extended up to one day with Asteks’s HG-650 draw frame cots.

When processing contaminated cotton, it is the best to clean the cots at the beginning of every shift, but the HG-650 can continue working throughout the day without being wiped. We have experienced that HG-650 draw frame cots had not required grinding in longer than 2 months, under the normal working conditions. We did not record any loss in our yarn quality and USTER values in this eight months running time. In great relief, I use Asteks's new draw frame cots without any concern about yarn quality values”

In addition to the high quality of the product, it is very important for us to be supplied quickly. While it can take 4-5 weeks to bring cots from abroad, Asteks’s cots are delivered in 1-2 weeks upon our request. It also has a better economic advantage of 20-30% compared to other known brands on a cost & benefit basis. Our cooperation with Asteks continues in stronger relation provided by such this high quality production and successful services.

Hüseyin Güler, Gülle Tekstil Technical & Maintenance Coordinator:

Asteks's HG-650 draw frame cots are getting dirty 15-20% later compared with its competitors. Of course, the rate of contamination in cotton can shift this time up or down. As Gülle Tekstil, we clean the cots in each shift. However, this particular cots are able to complete their work in entire shift without cleaning required. As a textile company, the frequency of grinding is important to us. Providing much better values in draw frames, HG-650 is a much better product compared to similar ones to it, in terms of both maintaining cleanliness and quality.

In addition, the HG-650, which we use on the ring compact spinning machine, can maintain its good quality performance without grinding between 30 to 45 days without disrupting the yarn quality. We achieve USTER quality values, yarn imperfection values, such as thin place and thick place, much better than other cots that I have bought from Europe.

When we have a cots requirement, Asteks can send us in three days, if I request this from a European manufacturers, the product does not arrive before 3 months. This is a huge advantage for us. We do not have obligations such as suspending the production due to shortage of the cots and keeping high cots stock. The product and service quality of Asteks, who works as a partner with the textile industry and conducts R&D studies, is higher than its European competitors and in this sense I find Asteks very successful.

Metin Özdemir, Rubenis İplik Factory Manager:

As Rubenis İplik, we try to implement high quality oriented and extra careful production processes. We clean the draw frame cots every hour in the shift. We apply more cleaning than a standard yarn manufacturer does. We grind the HG-650, which have a longer time sustainability in keeping itself clean than other competitive products, every 15 days due to our high sensitivity in production processes. We can easily further extend the grinding time, but we keep it short for our special yarns.

The period of staying clean and grinding we obtained with the HG-650 draw frame cots is much more positive for us. As the HG-650 is sustained cleaner by its own nature, thin places, thick places are reduced in the further processes by these good quality slivers. Compared to the conventional draw frame cots, we achieve remarkably better yarn quality values with the HG-650 draw frame cots. We clearly saw this with USTER quality test results. I would like to state that we especially prefer Asteks in terms of cots quality.


Tarık Karagözoğlu, Texhong Textile Machinery & Energy Responsible:

Our factory has been operating for a year and we have been using Asteks's HG-650 draw frame cots for 5-6 months. In our studies, we have observed that these cots remained clean longer than other brands. HG-650 cots are 30% better than other similar ones to them in terms of late contamination.

In every shift, we apply cleaning to the draw frame cots twice as standard. The quality is the most important factor for us and we apply the grinding every two weeks in order to keep our yarn quality away from the smallest risk in this respect. We observed improvements in yarn imperfection and other quality values while using the HG-650 draw frame that can work suitable with all machine brands and models. As Texhong, as we are quality oriented, we preferred Asteks' HG-650 draw frame cots, which contributes to customer satisfaction and production efficiency.

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asteks logo.png

Asteks Expands

Market with New Investments in 2019

As one of the most important technology partners of yarn manufacturers with apron, cots and cots grinding machines, Asteks increased their sales figures despite the challenging conditions of 2019. In addition to this growth, Asteks continued their R&D activities and introduced new products to the market.


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A specialist in grinding solutions, Asteks closely followed their growth plan despite the very challenging conditions of 2019. Asteks continued their R&D investments and wok in this period, and in addition to offering new products to the market, also expanded their expert staff. In 2019, Asteks managed their increase its sales figures in both domestic and international markets and has a strong market vision for 2020.

Uncertainty and financial tension in the global economy were felt in all markets. The Brexit process between the UK and the European Union as well as the trade war between the US and China deeply affected global markets in 2019. Turkey has effectively dealt with these two issues as well as regional political and socio-economic problems. All this made 2019 a difficult year. Offering grinding products to the textile industry, Asteks has achieved successful results despite this challenging environment.

Apron and cots sales continued to increase

Asteks Marketing and Sales Manager Sabri İlknur disclosed that they saw a significant shrinkage and slowdown in the market throughout 2019. “We witnessed that the investors were shifting their needs due to this shrinkage” İlknur said; “We have observed that orders are realized only when these needs become unavoidable. Investors were cautious about investing without seeing any signs of recovery in the market. Despite all the difficulties, we managed to increase our sales volume. We have prioritized increasing our sales in order to offer competitive products to our customers and expand our area of influence”.

Ilknur emphasized that especially in 2019, a remarkable increase in apron and cots sales was achieved. İlknur stated that the NT-86/S apron saw the most acceptance from the market; “This apron is used on 70% of all the spindles in Turkey. The CTA Carbon reinforced apron, which we offer especially as the lower apron, was another product of interest. We also received high demand for Optima and GESA type aprons”.

Growth strategy in export market continues

Asteks Export Markets Sales Manager Taner Engin announced that they continued their growth strategy in overseas markets in 2019; the strategy was launched in 2017. Expressing that they have achieved significant growth figures in Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh markets, Engin continued as follows; “Each export market presents different demands due to its structure. We see that a saturation point has been reached in Uzbekistan, which has made intensive textile investments in recent years. For this reason, we achieved significant increases in apron and cots sales rather than machinery sales in this market compared to the previous year. On the other hand, machinery investments in Pakistan market continue at full speed. We were pleased with our sales of grinding machines in this market. In the Bangladesh market, our apron and cots sales progressed along with the sales of our grinding machines. In short, our sales in overseas markets have achieved a balanced outlook in the context of our entire product range”.

Taner Engin informed that in 2020, investments were made in the marketing department in order to expand to different markets and to work more efficiently in the existing markets.

Sabri İlknur; “R&D is an important part of the job”

In 2019, ASTEKS did not only increase their sales figures despite the challenging market conditions. The company focused on investments and studies that will strengthen its corporate structure for the year 2020 and beyond. Within the scope of this work, additional textile engineers were employed in the company.

The new 65 shore HG-650 cots, which was developed through intensive R&D and obtained successful field results, was also introduced to the market in the second half of the year. The HG-650 cots provides effective results when spinning the cotton with high contamination. By the feature of getting contaminated late compared to existing products on the market, HG-650 increases the working efficiency against the contamination problem encountered in local cottons. The HG-650 is particularly successful in the 2nd passage of the draw frame and in the breakout cots and outlet cots on the combing machine.

Sabri İlknur; “This product can be seen as the fruit of our successful R&D activities. Contamination and stickiness seen in various local fibres creates the problem of lapping onto the cots. For this reason, the machines must be stopped and the cots frequently cleaned. Our performance-focused HG-650 cots has a 50% longer clean-up time (slower contamination) than its competitors. This means less downtime on the machines, less cleaning requirements, more efficiency and more profit. We launched it after the ITMA 2019 and received positive feedback very quickly. We receive high demand for the HG-650 in both domestic and export markets. We anticipate that this will continue increasingly”.

The other star product of the year for Asteks was the 201-SF cots grinding machine, which was launched with the slogan ‘It knows what it does’. Achieving big sales and order figures during the year, this machine provides ease of use with its intelligent system hardware. 201-SF is amongst the most demanded products in export markets, especially in Pakistan, and it reduces labour costs with automation and guarantees standard operation.

Another automation solution of ASTEKS, the 101-AGV automatic guided vehicle continued to be present in the market. Unmanned transport device, which attracts the attention of the companies compatible with the Industry 4.0 concept, allows a new level in in-house transport with its 4 tons load carrying capacity.

Positive expectations for 2020

Sabri İlknur said that he has more positive expectations for 2020 based on economic data. “Needs do not disappear, they are only postponed,” said İlknur and expressed that 2020 will be the period when postponed investments will be realized. İlknur; “We believe that our main product range of apron, cots and grinding machines will see higher sales figures, both in domestic and export markets. We have new products within the scope of R&D. This wide range of products and innovations will be launched especially at the ITM 2020. In addition, we will respond to the unique demands of each region through the fairs we will attend abroad. 2020 will be the year in which we will benefit the most from growth”.


ASTEKS Presents Innovations to Global Textile Market at ITMA 2019

Introducing the 201-SF cots grinding machine and 101-AGV in-house transportation vehicle to the global market in addition to apron and cots solutions at the ITMA 2019 exhibition, ASTEKS was pleased with both the visitors’ interest attracted and the business potentials generated.

ASTEKS ITMA 2019 stant2.jpg

Attending ITMA 2019, the most important and prestigious exhibition of the textile industry from June 20th to 26th, ASTEKS presented their latest cots grinding solutions to the visitors coming from important locations of the global textile production market. ASTEKS took place in the exhibition with their booth dominated by corporate red colour in Hall 7 which is allocated to spinning technologies, and attracted great interest from visitors. The company exhibited their solutions in 3 main categories to visitors with one-to-one products and detailed explanations; new products from the rich aprons and cots product range, high-automation 201-SF cots grinding machine and 101-AGV automatic guided vehicle. ASTEKS had a high level participation to the show, and were represented by General Manager Emre Akman, Marketing and Sales Manager Sabri İlknur, Export Markets Sales Manager Taner Engin and Export & Import Officer Aynur Güler.

The most prominent product in ASTEKS' ITMA Barcelona booth was undoubtedly the 201-SF cots grinding machine with it’s high efficiency and automation power. The machine, which performed during the exhibition, carries out the cots grinding process more easily, faster and at higher standards than ever before. Compared to other known machine types that can feed the cots one by one manually, this machine can be used to feed the cots in bulk and the cots can be automatically transferred to the grinding. This eliminates the need for keeping a dedicated labour continuously with the machine during the grinding process. It is sufficient for the operator to unload the cots collectively into the coots feeding chamber. Then, grinding process is carried out automatically thanks to the high automation of the 201-SF. In this way, the labour productivity of the cots grinding department increases and thus the maintenance cost in this area decreases.

New automation opportunities with the 201-SF cots grinding machine

Another automation solution offered by 201-SF is the measurement and sorting the cots of different diameters by means of the integrated diameter control mechanism. In this way, it is ensured that the cots other than the diameters determined according to the operating needs are separated without entering the grinding. Rather than the long and laborious process of measuring the cots diameters by hand with the known method of using a calliper, this system offers a great advantage for businesses. No separate process is required to sort the cots according to their diameters.

Another point that put 201-SF forward in the field is it’s cost-effectiveness. Compared to its European competitors, ASTEKS has made a strategic price positioning. As a cost-effective machine, 201-SF receives very positive respond from customers with this feature.


New aprons and cots for man-made fibres

ASTEKS shared their innovations in aprons and cots production with 50 years of experience in the industry at ITMA. The only domestic manufacturer of cots and aprons of Turkey, ASTEKS continues their competitive edge in the global market with innovative products produced through intensive R&D. In the show, the solutions were presented especially for the companies who spin synthetic, rayon and similar blends. The RC-751 and RC-851 cots, which have been developed for the production of polyester fibre blended yarns, offer yarn manufacturers a comfortable operation, free from the risk of lapping.

The newly developed TA-630/63 sh and HG-650/65 sh cots were exhibited for the production of cotton yarn. Especially in fine count yarn production, these cots offer both a long service life and better yarn quality/USTER values. In addition, the GESA and S/CTA aprons from the Performance range were among the products attracting attention considerably a lot, during the meetings.

The in-house transportation vehicle 101-AGV developed by ASTEKS within the concept of Industry 4.0 was also a product highlighted at the exhibition. Introduced to the global market with both poster and video presentation, the 101-AGV transport vehicle enables the transportation of almost any form of wheeled load on designated lines within the facility. 101-AGV, an automation solution that is already used in the transfer of yarn bobbin trolley, big fabric dock cars and fibre batch cases, attracted the attention of many visitors during the show due to its contribution to lowering operating costs.

ITMA exhibition with the highest efficiency

Stating that they were pleased with the interest they received from visitors at ITMA 2019, Sabri İlknur, Marketing and Sales Manager of Asteks, said that the products in 3 main branches managed to impress visitors with their innovative aspects. İlknur; “With the effect of restructuring our foreign sales activities, the number of existing and potential customers who came to visit us on purpose was quite high. In terms of business creation efficiency, ITMA 2019 was much more successful than previous editions”. İlknur explained that they welcomed the visitors from the markets of Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan and Egypt at the most and stated that Turkish textile manufacturers had a strong participation as usual.

İlknur stated that several important me

etings took place in the show and said; “The ITMA exhibition, where we had the opportunity to explain our new technologies, was also very successful in terms of business efficiency. We came together with the managers and decision makers of many important textile companies. We have shaken hands for both our aprons and cots, our grinding machines and our 101-AGV transport vehicle. For example, the sale of the 201-MTL cots grinding machine to SASA, one of Turkey's major textile companies, was finalized during the exhibition. Pre-agreement with Uzbekistan based company Antex Group has been made. Zaman Textile, one of Pakistan's well known textile groups, has entered a large scale investment for a new facility. In this context, we reached a good-will agreement shaking hands on the purchase of the 201-SF cots grinding machine that we have exhibited at the show. In addition to these completed projects, dozens of contacts were established with companies in order to do business”.

Underlining that ITMA is a technology and machinery exhibition, ASTEKS Export Markets Sales Manager Taner Engin stated that they attended to the world’s most prestigious show of textile machinery and spare parts with a stylish and highly presentable booth. Engin stated that the fact that the innovative products were actually introduced at the ASTEKS booth and the display of the 201-SF cots grinding machine in operation gave confidence to the customers. Engin continued his words as follows; “Marketing is to offer and establish confidence in general. As a company with 50 years of history, we have worked hard during the ITMA to achieve that in overseas markets as we have been doing in the Turkish market significantly good and we took successful steps. We will focus on transforming these steps into successful business results through the marketing processes following the exhibition”.

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Nishat Mils 201-SF.jpeg

Nishat Mills Ltd. Found the Solution in 201-SF Cots Grinding Machine 

Nishat Group, one of the best established industry players in Pakistan and in the region, invested in Asteks’ new generation cots grinding machine, 201-SF with smart feeding system, for their textile mills. Having its installation completed at the end of 2018, the machine proved its success through its high performance and guided new projects.

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Asteks is the leader in the Turkish textile market with their cots & aprons and cots grinding machine solutions, and expands its claim to the regional markets with the same faith and hard work will. Providing solutions to several reputable manufacturers of growing textile markets, Asteks has become a preferred brand in the markets with prestigious references. Nishat Group, one of the biggest business corporation in Pakistan, chose Asteks as their partner for cots grinding solutions.

Nishat Group has a significant scale in the business world of Pakistan, and is branched through several industries, as well as textile. Having a vertical integrated structure in their main business textile, the group has a considerable production power and capacity in spinning, weaving and sewing facilities. Nishat Mills Limited, one of the group’s companies that have been producing yarn since 1951, exported 353.03 million dollars in 2018. Nishat Mills Ltd. consists of 8 spinning mills, and currently has a total capacity of 250 thousand spindles and a daily spinning capacity of 200 tons of cotton and blended yarns.

asteks 101 agv küçükçalık tekstil tesisi

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ASTEKS Ease the ‘Load’ of Mills with AGV

Developed by Asteks, AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle reduce the labour in semi or end products transportation within the mill, while increasing the efficiency and quality of work. Compatible with the Industry 4.0 concept, this automation device also prevents man-related accidents in the transportation.

With a history of 50 years in apron, cots and production technologies, Asteks does not only add strength to the textile industry with their innovative solutions. The 101- AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle, on what the company has a long-standing R&D period, has achieved successful results both in-house and in the mills of major textile manufacturers. Commercially available for sale to the market, AGV provides automation that minimizes the need in man power on transporting the goods in the mill. This contributes to lower labour costs and to increase working efficiency. In addition, staff-related accidents are brought to minimum levels by the use of AGV. The quality of the work done is also standardized by AGV and the work schedule is maintained.

The AGV operates automatically without man attendance, and carries or pulls loads weighing between 2 and 4 tons. AGV, which is appealing to many industries with this carrying capacity, can be programmed with its advanced software and can perform stop and continue operations at the designated stations. Being already in use in Turkey’s leading textile companies, AGV proved to meet the required qualifications in transporting yarn and fabric along the designated line. AGV, that acts as a smart load carrier in the mill, can turn around 360 degrees and in a narrow space. For the operation of AGV, it is sufficient to have a line as good space as to the width of the load and the trolley. The AGV follows the magnetic line, and stops automatically with audible and light warning systems when it encounters an obstacle, thus preventing accidents.

ASTEKS Strengthens

Brand Awareness in Asian Markets


 Asteks harvests on their effort in empowering their brand name in the rising Asian textile markets. Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indonesian markets have become the most important markets with trade fairs and product sales.

Offering all the necessary solutions for spinning mills from a single source, Asteks has recorded a significant improvement in the export markets supported by their 50 years of experience left behind in the industry. Turkey’s first and only manufacturer of cots & apron and spinning solutions, Asteks is taking steps in confidence in export markets with the experience and success gained in the Turkish market. The company develops and manufactures apron, cots, cots grinding machines, cots mounting presses, cots measuring devices and Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) and exports to more than 25 countries.

Recently, Asteks has focused on the Asian markets that are the centre of global textile production, and significantly increased their brand awareness in these markets through the fairs and exhibitions they have participated. Asteks has recorded significant sales in Uzbekistan, and is applying similar work path in the markets in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Indonesia together with their local partners. In January, the company participated in the DTG 2019 in Bangladesh, and will be exhibiting at IGATEX Pakistan 2019 in February and Indo Intertex 2019 in Indonesia in March. Asteks, offering cots & apron and spinning solutions to highly quality oriented textile enterprises, will show the textile manufacturers in the region that they are the right partner for cost-effective, value-added solutions.

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ASTEKS is Satissfied with


Participating to ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 with advanced apron & cot and cots grinding department solutions, ASTEKS took a significant step to move their success in Turkish and Central Asian markets to the Far East.

Developing and manufacturing apron, cot and grinding machines for spinning mills, ASTEKS is carrying their power in the Turkish market to export markets. Completing important market work in the Central Asian market, ASTEKS participated in the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 in Shanghai, China between 15-19 October 2018, just after the CAITME in Uzbekistan. Welcoming professionals from the Far East textile market, especially China, at the F30 booth in Hall 1, the company exhibited their rich apron and cot solutions directly, and provided important information about the machines developed for the grinding department.

Saying that the Chinese market is the powerhouse of both the global economy and the textile industry, ASTEKS Overseas Sales Manager Taner Engin said that China is geographically distant to Turkey, but not as much distant as a market. “We are taking part in every market we enter with a competitive mind set”, Engin continued; “It is very important for us to attend ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018, the largest textile technologies exhibition in Asia. Because we have presented our rubber-based apron and cots to the visitors not only to Chinese textile manufacturers but also to visitors attending from the countries in the region. We made important shares about our grinding machines equipped with new technologies. We have provided detailed information about the quality of our solutions both on their own and their production. In this area, we have shown that we are a reliable world player. Especially the companies that aim to grow and export-based companies visited us throughout the exhibition.”

The potential of the Chinese market is growing for us

Taner Engin stated that they are aware of the intense and hard competition in the Chinese market and explained another development in this market as follows; “Although China's production power is high, the growing purchasing power, the rising standard of living and the high demand for quality increase the prices, while decreasing Chinese manufacturers’ relatively low cost advantages. This makes China a potential market for us and this potential is increasing.”

Reiterating that apron and cot samples, which are constituting ASTEKS's main production field with 50 years of history, are shown to the Asian textile manufacturers during the exhibition, Engin said that the machines for the grinding department are introduced through posters and catalogues. Engin; “Both our apron and cots, and our cot grinding and UV cot surface treatment machines for the cots grinding departments have attracted a great deal of attention. In addition to our aprons and cots, the high technology, working capacity, process quality, multi-functional flexible working power and reliable structures of our machines have received full marks from Asian textile manufacturers.”

Taner Engin stated that the participation of the manufacturers to the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 was at the top level and that they were satisfied as ASTEKS with the fair in terms of visitor diversity, quality of contact and efficiency. Expressing their strong presence to the existing customers once again by participating in the exhibition, Engin also said that they have been conducting constructive interviews to find local partners in the markets they want to be active in.



We are looking forward to the ITMA 2019 Barcelona

Taner Engin stated that ASTEKS aims to reach all markets where textile production is in place and that they attach great importance to ITMA exhibitions which are accepted as Olympics of the textile machinery industry. Engin; “The ITMA 2019 exhibition, which will take place in Barcelona next year, is of great importance for our global market target. We plan to offer all of our new products and solutions in Barcelona to visitors from all over the global market. We have already started our preparations. With our live and video presentations, our technical team shares, we will reveal to our visitors that ASTEKS is an unrivalled partner for the cots grinding department.”

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Key of The Success in Complicated Spinning;

CTA Apron Reinforced by Carbon

Asteks has developed CTA Apron Reinforced by Carbon for synthetics and blended fibres that has complicated spinning conditions and highly abrasive fibres such as PES, Lycra, Slub, Short staple Acrylic. This apron reinforced by carbon, the first in the world, has become an indispensable component for its users due to its longer working life time and incredible contribution to yarn quality.

Asteks, who has become the most important solution provider to spinning mills with its advanced roll shop equipments, continues to offer innovative products with intensive R&D and market studies. CTA Apron Reinforced by Carbon, the first in the world in the industry, proved to be successful with the fibres that have high complications in spinning with their sophisticated properties.. Spinning mills and yarn producers are now increasing their productivity with CTA and are not worried about yarn quality under extreme conditions.

Asteks shows their strength as a partner to the customers by producing the apron, sleeves and grinding machines needed by spinning mills in European quality and safety standards. Developing innovative products for customers' specific needs, Asteks has clearly responded to the request in longer-lasting apron for synthetic fibre spinning. The CTA Apron Reinforced by Carbon, which doubles the operation period comparing with the conventional aprons, is ahead of apron-welded yarn defects and has proved its remarkable success in the market in the short term. CTA, which is preferred by many Turkish spinning mills, represents Asteks' commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Tough conditions are not ‘Tough’ anymore

The first in the global textile industry, the CTA Apron Reinforced by Carbon have been specifically developed for the challenges that are not seen in the production of a standard yarn. These include working with synthetic fibres and synthetic blends, lycra and slub yarn production, and coarse count yarn production (towel and denim yarn). At all of these applications, due to the higher strength of fibre and its more aggressive structure, the aprons normally start wearing and tearing off , at relatively earlier stage. This phenominen leads to yarn faults and higher ends-down. The spinners either have to change this apron at short intervals or often have to produce defective yarn until they recognise the deformation. This causes the problems with the lower efficiency and inferior quality in the operation. Thanks to the special carbon reinforced exterior on the outer layer, the CTA, which lasts as twice long as the conventional aprons, allows the spinning under control in longer period and prevents the defects.

Fortified outer layer with carbon reinforcement, CTA is also resistant to compression, buckling and breakage at fibre lapping problems with its special middle layer. The structural knurled inner layer enhances gripping efficiency, which prevents dust and flies accumulations.

CTA has been developed upon market demand

Asteks Marketing and Sales Manager Sabri İlknur underlined that the CTA Apron Reinforced by Carbon have been developed upon the demands from the market. İlknur; “With our standard aprons and sleeves we have already become a well-known brand in spinning sector. However, we have seen the need for more specialized aprons for tougher working conditions, such as polyester and synthetic blends, lycra and slub yarns and coarse count yarns. We have developed the CTA by analysing our customers' needs and difficulties. Our product, which has been in the market for last 3-4 years, has ended up the troubles of our customers with aprons in those tough conditions. We are very pleased with the returns we have received.”


Stating that standard aprons are weak against aggressive fibres, Sabri Ilknur emphasized that the lifetime of CTA apron is 2 times higher than others. Pointing out on extension in the running life of the apron provides yarn manufacturers to relax a bit cost wise, İlknur said that keeping the yarn quality under control in a long course of a time has a direct effect on productivity. İlknur continued his words as;

“Compatible with all major brand spinning machines, CTA can provide up to 2 years of service life at synthetic fibres spinning. All spinning mills that have had trial with CTA, then decided to continue production with CTA. The comfort of reliability that CTA provides in complicated tough working conditions is the most attractive advantage for the customers. CTA is currently continues to work with its unrivalled performance in many highly demanding, tough conditions, in many regions of Turkey. We aim to make this product stronger both in the domestic and international market this year. As Asteks we show once again that we are an innovative and reliable partner in textile field with CTA.”

Customer experiences confirms on the success

Customer experience with CTA Apron Reinforced Carbon developed by ASTEKS reveals the success achieved;

Mustafa Kayan, Oğuz Tekstil Spinning Plant Manager; “As an integrated production with spinning and weaving departments, we put great importance on product quality. The most important reason why we prefer CTA Apron in our spinning mill is its long lifetime and thus long period contribution on yarn quality consistency. This powerful apron is not worn during operation and does not torn, easily, it gives a nice result. The CTA Apron, which has a long lifetime to be preferred, does not lead to an abnormal quality change on the spindle from the first day of operation until the last, maintaining the consistency. It guarantees the protection of the same quality. I have been involved in the textile industry for 25 years and we are in communication with Asteks during all this time. They are a company that constantly improved themselves and very open to innovation. The managers and technical staff are very well knowleged, experienced, friendly and they are always with us as solution provider. From my perspective, they are the only leading manufacturing company on grinding, sleeve and the apron in Turkey.”

Mustafa Selçuk, Can Tekstil Integrated Spinning Mill Manager and Okan Murat Okutan, Can Tekstil Integrated Spinning Machine Chief of Maintenance (joint statement); “We have carried out a trial course before we bought the CTA Apron Reinforced by Carbon developed by Asteks with whom we have been working together for 20 years. We have seen that the life of the CTA apron is long and good quality. We were replacing the standard aprons in 6 months to 1 year periods in aggressive synthetic fibre spinnings, and we have seen that the CTA's replacement period was up to 20 or 22 months. Its long durability and quality values ​​contributes the entire production process. Changing an apron means stopping the spinning machine for at least 5-6 hours. Both the apron consumption and the downtimes of the machines have been reduced. In short, our maintenance costs have been decreased and our productivity has been increased. In general, on the bottom aprons, there would be various marks due to the pressure and the yarn quality would adversely be affected. This problem is over by CTA. In addition, the bottom aprons can be broken out for various reasons during operation and we use open aprons to replace. Because of the decrease in the breakage with bottom apron with CTA, our open apron and open apron adhesive consumption have been decreased, accordingly. Can Tekstil has ring spinning process. 100% polyester, 100% viscose, polyester / viscose blends and tencel yarn production all have the same successful results with CTA.”

Ümit Baykal, Kilim Mensucat Facility Manager; “We use the CTA Apron Reinforced by Carbon in coarse count yarns up to 6-7-8-9-10 and mainly in slub yarns and we have received very successful results. We supply our yarns to Edirne Kartaltepe integrated plant for denim fabric. I can say we receive positive feedback from our customers. We have overcome the difficulties in the slub yarns by the CTA apron and achieved a cost-effective added value due to their longer lifetime of up to 2 years. We are highly pleased to use his apron in our slub yarn production lines after ASTEKS's proposal.”

Tülay Fidan, Almer Tekstil Quality Assurance Manager; "As a company based in Kayseri, Almer Tekstil has been producing hosiery yarn, compact yarn, core yarn, dual core yarn and double yarn since 2003. We use CTA Apron Reinforced by Carbon for core yarn production. We chose CTA to prevent bottom apron breaks at core yarn production, especially in coarse count spinning. This apron is proved to be resistant against complicated though spinning conditions. We have experienced that the CTA Apron Reinforced by Carbon is unrivalled in terms of durability, productivity and contribution to yarn quality. "


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Asteks Becomes the Shining Star of ITM 2018

With Extensive Cot Grinding Solutions

Having a strong presence in the domestic and international markets with cot, apron and cot grinding machines they develop and offer to the market, Asteks introduced the textile industry with advantageous innovations at ITM 2018. The exhibition, which took place in TUYAP between April the14th and 17th, Asteks booth 302B in Hall 3 was able to attract great attention during the event. Sharing their current and further developed product portfolio with the visitors, the company has also executed the world launch of AGV automatic guided vehicle.

Underlining that they regard themselves as “solution partners” of yarn manufacturers and spinning mills, Asteks Sales Officer Erkan Yılmaz stated that ITM 2018 was very successful. Indicating that they have finalized the sale of machinery at the exhibition with 6 companies from the domestic and foreign markets, Yılmaz said; “We have sales to Merinos and Biska companies that continue their activities in Gaziantep, to Oğuz Tekstil in Adana. To abroad, we have sold our newly developed cot grinding machines and cot surface treatment by UV machines to Azerbaijan-based Mingacevir Textile and Uzbekistan Compact Textile companies. During the exhibition we also held preliminary negotiations with dozens of companies for final sales. We achieved an exhibition success over what we were anticipating with the realized sales, deals and visitor interest.”

Yılmaz stated that Asteks has been competing with global brands as a 100 % domestic firm as R&D, marketing and after-sales services play a crucial role in the competition. “We once again showed our competitive strength at the ITM,” Yılmaz said, noting that the new products had attracted a lot of attention from the visitors; “This is the first time we have introduced the 203-SF cot grinding machine with smart feeding system to the market. The 203-SF, responding to the need for high amount of cot grinding, got full marks with its performance throughout the exhibition. The cots and aprons we produced also showed their uniqueness with their qualities and their longevity. The surprise product of the show is without doubt the newly launched AGV automatic guided vehicle.”

New step in spinning mill automation: AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle

Providing information about AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle developed by Asteks, Erkan Yılmaz explained that they developed this solution first for their own businesses. Yılmaz expressed that AGV has been developed for carrying and towing in different directions at Asteks’ own production facility and stated that this device has been developed and adapted to the demands of textile manufacturers. Yılmaz said that AGV, which automatically carries the carrying and towing actions on and off the pre-defined line, increases efficiency by eliminating both staffing needs and faulty loading.

Innovation in aprons and cots; RC 750 and RC 851

The apron and cot solutions, which Asteks has had a strong experience in almost 50 years of their history, were among the most popular products of the exhibition. The RC 750 and RC851, developed for yarn manufacturers working with synthetic blended fibers, and other carbon-reinforced aprons fit perfectly into challenging working conditions. Offering longevity and easy maintenance aprons and cots contribute to the maintenance costs of yarn manufacturers.

203-SF perfects cot grinding

The 203-SF, developed for performing high-amount cot grinding, makes it possible to reduce the number of employees needed in the grinding department thanks to its smart feeding system. 203-SF can be used with dual or single feed options when grinding quickly with its superb performance. The diameter of the cots, together with the vibrating system, is measured with the laser measurement system, ensuring that all are according to the standard. Several production problems and mistakes are prevented thanks to the diameter of the cot being equal in the spinning machine. 203-SF found itself a slogan in the exhibition; "Leave it, it knows what it does”.

Erkan Yılmaz stated that they always regard themselves as ‘solution partners’ as Asteks, he concluded by saying; “Asteks is the solution partner of the textile industry as a domestic manufacturer of apron, cot, cot grinding machines and vehicles and devices towards the grinding department. We prove this with our work in domestic and international markets”.

Displaying cot, apron and cot grinding machine solution towards the changing needs of the textile industry at the ITM 2018, Asteks showed their difference with the launch of AGV automatic guided vehicle.


In addition to cots solutions, ASTEKS becomes a leading player with cots grinding machines and has boosted its care for foreign markets.

Asteks Grows in Textile with Brand New Products

With 50 years of experience behind, ASTEKS develops solutions for textile and press industries. The company bossts its growth in global markets as well as it does in domestic area. Apron and cots, printing rollers, rotogragravure, flexo and grinding machinery and press manfacturer Asteks has recently achhieved great growth in textile segment, meanwhile.


Sabri İlknur stated that textiles count for the main area they are active in terms of production and market, while reminding that tyeh mainly grown in textile industry. The company carries out Research & Development studies considering the current and possible needs of the market, which helped them to achieve a dynamic and competitive structure. Underlining that they are not sustaining competition only in domestic market but also in international areas, İlknur noted: "We added new members to our team last year in order to boost our activity in foreign markets, These members started to promote our products and the company in new locations following trainings and orientation. In August, we made visists including to South American nations and received positive feed backs. Plus, Uzbekistan, Indonesia and Iran are among countries in which we are active and successful. We are exporting to 25 countries in total. Our cots grinding machines grab great interest from foreign markets in addition to apron and cots."



ASTEKS Marketing and Sales Manager Sabri İlknur shared details about their solutions, saying that their recently launched Carbon Reinforced Apron has received intense attention of yarn manufacturers. "This bottom apron was developed for yarn manufacturers who deal with lycra, shantung, synthetic fibres. The formulation of CTA aprons reinforced with carbon increases the resistance against deformation and abrasion. The product is particularly preferred by manufacturers who work with polyester and its mixtures," he reported.


İlknur pointed to another product, GESA/OPS Hole Compact Apron which provides longer crack resistance and offers 1 year warranty. Regarding E-750 Silicon Added Draw Cot, which was launched in 2015, İlknur explained, "This apron provides solution for dirty surfaces that are particularly occuring while working with candied cottons." The company has been working on E-700 Modal Apron for the last 5 years, while the product created a comfortable operating opportunity with no need to fibre rolling on while operating with modal fibre.



Cots grinding machines developed ahd launched by ASTEKS meet a severe demand in the market. The company produced 4 different styles dependeng on usage aim. "Our grinding machines nave updated automation systems. All the production including software is done in our factory. As we are within the industry, machines are the constantly developed and customized in accordance with users' demand and expectations. Our grindig machines receive great interest due to this flexibility and variety that clearly meet requirements," İlknur explained.


202 AFT  (Automated Feeding-Twin directions) model is especially favorite of yarn companies large spindle capacity. This is a full automatic versatile cot grinding high amount of cots. Through the twin direction feature, draw frame and combing cots can be grinded on the other direction of the machine. Having a very serial operating feature, the machine is able to make grinding for 4 compact machines during 1 shift. 


201 AF (Automated Feeding) model is among the most preforred grinding machines. It is able to make grinding of 2 compact machines during 1 shift as an automated feeding serial device. Combined Grinding System; provides Drafting - Combed Cotton Cot Grinding opportunity without ravel out the automatic grinding unit. 201 AF is not using hydraulic systems unlike other competitors while if features updated technologies like Invertor Controlled Center, Bank System, Invertor controlled linear sliding sledge system, Touch Screen Control Panel and PLC Automation system.


201 MTL (Manual - Texture - With Laser Measurement) cot grinding machine was developed for textured yarn manufacturers. Diameter Measuring System with Laser measures the outer diameter of the cat which will be grinded and then the process takes place. This feature eliminates the diameter measuring work of the operator and boosts efficiency as well as ensuring setting stability.


Multi-Functional manual 201 M grinding machine provides a facility to grind all kind of cots. In short and long fibre systems, it holds grinding of Rign & Roving & Draw Frame & Camber, Texturing, Open-End, Finisher, Drafting Rollers.

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Hall 4, Booth G110

ITMA 2015 Exhibition...

ASTEKS is the first Turkish Company which took place with its stands in the exhibition held in Milano in 1976. Since that time, it has started to give importance to the sectorial exhibitions both in Turkey and abroad. Apart from the 75 percent of market share in Turkey, it has also sales to approximately 25 countries. In 2015, ASTEKS represented our country and introduced the company and the products in the exhibitions held in Iran, Indonesia and Uzbekhistan. We aim to meet our customers with new products in ITMA of this year.


"Cot Grinding Machines" which we added to our production portfolio in 2014 is a prioritized group of product and has successfully worked in the companies to which the machines were sold. It is going to be presented as four groups which are Manual, with Automatic Feeding, with Automatic Feeding - Twin Directions, and Textured with Laser Measurement in the exhibition. 


CTA Carbon Reinforced Bottom Apron, which we are going to present to our foreign customers, was developed for the manufacturers of Lycra, Shantung, Synthetic mixed fiber and its abrasion resistance was increased with carbon. 


GESA Perforated Compact Apron is one of our new products which we put on market as a result of developing labors. Our customers has used the GESA for 15-16 months.


The problem of Drafting Cot surface Contamination makes the manufacturers having difficulties while working with candied cotton E-750 Silicon Mixed Drafting Cot Grinding Machine which was developed in order this kind of cotton to serve on its purposes provides a solution and makes their working easy. We look forward to meet our guests in order to introduce and demonstrate our products that we indicated above, and the other new developed products in our stand in "ITMA 2015, Hall 04, Stand G110". Above all, we are going to be glad to be together and host our guests.

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Manufacturing of Cot Grinding Machine Started...

We, as ASTEKS, manufacture all machines used in cot production including grinding machine. This manufacturing is achieved in our company with engineers and experts who are experienced in outomation and machine manufacturing.


By using long experience and modern technology, grinding machine and cot mounting and dismounting presses manufacturing has been started.


Modification of grinding machines according to the customer requirements is possible. For example according to the dimensional differentions between texturing cots and short staple system cots, the measuring systems can be customised.

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CTA "Carbon Reinforced Apron"

The Apron of Hard Working


During the production of yarn with Lycra, slub yarn, short stable acrylic-synthetic fibre and blended yarns, a fast wearing out happens in fibre movement zone of bottom apron. CTA "Capbon Reinforced Apron" provides a solution to this wearing problem and a controlled production of yarn for longer period.


The upper surface of CTA "Carbon Reinforced Apron" contacting the fibers has a structure which is reinforced with carbon. Due to the higher abrasion resistance compared to the classical aprons, satisfactors results are obtained.

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İTÜ Arf Model Satellite Team Elated Our Country..

ITU ARF model satallite team participated in the 6th CnSat competition which was held in June 2014 in Texas/USA. We wish, as Asteks, the continuation of the success of our young people who represent our country successfully,


"Model satellite" definition comes essentially from the term of CanSat (Can sized micro - Satalleite) and there are many competitions in many places of the world. In controst to the real satellites, they are carried to lower altitudes by means of a reserch rocket and they are miniaturised satellites having smaller dimensions and lower weights.

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KARTEKS prefers ASTEKS Cots on their new Rieter K-45 Machines

Karteks Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. / Adana started up new Rieter K-45 compact spinning machines of 35.000 spindles. The company that is experienced in production of cotton, synthetics and blended yarns has preferred Asteks TE-650 compact spinning cots on their new Rieter K-45 machines. The mill manager Mr. Huseyin KADI said that they were also using Asteks products on their already existing spinning machines and mentioned that Asteks cots has given better Uster values in viscose compact spinning, has better grinding period and therefore they preferred these products.

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