Nishat Mills Ltd. Found the Solution in 201-SF Cots Grinding Machine 

Nishat Group, one of the best established industry players in Pakistan and in the region, invested in Asteks’ new generation cots grinding machine, 201-SF with smart feeding system, for their textile mills. Having its installation completed at the end of 2018, the machine proved its success through its high performance and guided new projects.

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Asteks is the leader in the Turkish textile market with their cots & aprons and cots grinding machine solutions, and expands its claim to the regional markets with the same faith and hard work will. Providing solutions to several reputable manufacturers of growing textile markets, Asteks has become a preferred brand in the markets with prestigious references. Nishat Group, one of the biggest business corporation in Pakistan, chose Asteks as their partner for cots grinding solutions.

Nishat Group has a significant scale in the business world of Pakistan, and is branched through several industries, as well as textile. Having a vertical integrated structure in their main business textile, the group has a considerable production power and capacity in spinning, weaving and sewing facilities. Nishat Mills Limited, one of the group’s companies that have been producing yarn since 1951, exported 353.03 million dollars in 2018. Nishat Mills Ltd. consists of 8 spinning mills, and currently has a total capacity of 250 thousand spindles and a daily spinning capacity of 200 tons of cotton and blended yarns.

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ASTEKS Ease the ‘Load’ of Mills with AGV

Developed by Asteks, AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle reduce the labour in semi or end products transportation within the mill, while increasing the efficiency and quality of work. Compatible with the Industry 4.0 concept, this automation device also prevents man-related accidents in the transportation.

With a history of 50 years in apron, cots and production technologies, Asteks does not only add strength to the textile industry with their innovative solutions. The 101- AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle, on what the company has a long-standing R&D period, has achieved successful results both in-house and in the mills of major textile manufacturers. Commercially available for sale to the market, AGV provides automation that minimizes the need in man power on transporting the goods in the mill. This contributes to lower labour costs and to increase working efficiency. In addition, staff-related accidents are brought to minimum levels by the use of AGV. The quality of the work done is also standardized by AGV and the work schedule is maintained.

The AGV operates automatically without man attendance, and carries or pulls loads weighing between 2 and 4 tons. AGV, which is appealing to many industries with this carrying capacity, can be programmed with its advanced software and can perform stop and continue operations at the designated stations. Being already in use in Turkey’s leading textile companies, AGV proved to meet the required qualifications in transporting yarn and fabric along the designated line. AGV, that acts as a smart load carrier in the mill, can turn around 360 degrees and in a narrow space. For the operation of AGV, it is sufficient to have a line as good space as to the width of the load and the trolley. The AGV follows the magnetic line, and stops automatically with audible and light warning systems when it encounters an obstacle, thus preventing accidents.

ASTEKS Strengthens

Brand Awareness in Asian Markets

 Asteks harvests on their effort in empowering their brand name in the rising Asian textile markets. Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indonesian markets have become the most important markets with trade fairs and product sales.

Offering all the necessary solutions for spinning mills from a single source, Asteks has recorded a significant improvement in the export markets supported by their 50 years of experience left behind in the industry. Turkey’s first and only manufacturer of cots & apron and spinning solutions, Asteks is taking steps in confidence in export markets with the experience and success gained in the Turkish market. The company develops and manufactures apron, cots, cots grinding machines, cots mounting presses, cots measuring devices and Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) and exports to more than 25 countries.

Recently, Asteks has focused on the Asian markets that are the centre of global textile production, and significantly increased their brand awareness in these markets through the fairs and exhibitions they have participated. Asteks has recorded significant sales in Uzbekistan, and is applying similar work path in the markets in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Indonesia together with their local partners. In January, the company participated in the DTG 2019 in Bangladesh, and will be exhibiting at IGATEX Pakistan 2019 in February and Indo Intertex 2019 in Indonesia in March. Asteks, offering cots & apron and spinning solutions to highly quality oriented textile enterprises, will show the textile manufacturers in the region that they are the right partner for cost-effective, value-added solutions.

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ASTEKS is Satissfied with


Participating to ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 with advanced apron & cot and cots grinding department solutions, ASTEKS took a significant step to move their success in Turkish and Central Asian markets to the Far East.

Developing and manufacturing apron, cot and grinding machines for spinning mills, ASTEKS is carrying their power in the Turkish market to export markets. Completing important market work in the Central Asian market, ASTEKS participated in the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 in Shanghai, China between 15-19 October 2018, just after the CAITME in Uzbekistan. Welcoming professionals from the Far East textile market, especially China, at the F30 booth in Hall 1, the company exhibited their rich apron and cot solutions directly, and provided important information about the machines developed for the grinding department.

Saying that the Chinese market is the powerhouse of both the global economy and the textile industry, ASTEKS Overseas Sales Manager Taner Engin said that China is geographically distant to Turkey, but not as much distant as a market. “We are taking part in every market we enter with a competitive mind set”, Engin continued; “It is very important for us to attend ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018, the largest textile technologies exhibition in Asia. Because we have presented our rubber-based apron and cots to the visitors not only to Chinese textile manufacturers but also to visitors attending from the countries in the region. We made important shares about our grinding machines equipped with new technologies. We have provided detailed information about the quality of our solutions both on their own and their production. In this area, we have shown that we are a reliable world player. Especially the companies that aim to grow and export-based companies visited us throughout the exhibition.”

The potential of the Chinese market is growing for us

Taner Engin stated that they are aware of the intense and hard competition in the Chinese market and explained another development in this market as follows; “Although China's production power is high, the growing purchasing power, the rising standard of living and the high demand for quality increase the prices, while decreasing Chinese manufacturers’ relatively low cost advantages. This makes China a potential market for us and this potential is increasing.”

Reiterating that apron and cot samples, which are constituting ASTEKS's main production field with 50 years of history, are shown to the Asian textile manufacturers during the exhibition, Engin said that the machines for the grinding department are introduced through posters and catalogues. Engin; “Both our apron and cots, and our cot grinding and UV cot surface treatment machines for the cots grinding departments have attracted a great deal of attention. In addition to our aprons and cots, the high technology, working capacity, process quality, multi-functional flexible working power and reliable structures of our machines have received full marks from Asian textile manufacturers.”

Taner Engin stated that the participation of the manufacturers to the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 was at the top level and that they were satisfied as ASTEKS with the fair in terms of visitor diversity, quality of contact and efficiency. Expressing their strong presence to the existing customers once again by participating in the exhibition, Engin also said that they have been conducting constructive interviews to find local partners in the markets they want to be active in.



We are looking forward to the ITMA 2019 Barcelona

Taner Engin stated that ASTEKS aims to reach all markets where textile production is in place and that they attach great importance to ITMA exhibitions which are accepted as Olympics of the textile machinery industry. Engin; “The ITMA 2019 exhibition, which will take place in Barcelona next year, is of great importance for our global market target. We plan to offer all of our new products and solutions in Barcelona to visitors from all over the global market. We have already started our preparations. With our live and video presentations, our technical team shares, we will reveal to our visitors that ASTEKS is an unrivalled partner for the cots grinding department.”

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Key of The Success in Complicated Spinning;

CTA Apron Reinforced by Carbon

Asteks has developed CTA Apron Reinforced by Carbon for synthetics and blended fibres that has complicated spinning conditions and highly abrasive fibres such as PES, Lycra, Slub, Short staple Acrylic. This apron reinforced by carbon, the first in the world, has become an indispensable component for its users due to its longer working life time and incredible contribution to yarn quality.

Asteks, who has become the most important solution provider to spinning mills with its advanced roll shop equipments, continues to offer innovative products with intensive R&D and market studies. CTA Apron Reinforced by Carbon, the first in the world in the industry, proved to be successful with the fibres that have high complications in spinning with their sophisticated properties.. Spinning mills and yarn producers are now increasing their productivity with CTA and are not worried about yarn quality under extreme conditions.

Asteks shows their strength as a partner to the customers by producing the apron, sleeves and grinding machines needed by spinning mills in European quality and safety standards. Developing innovative products for customers' specific needs, Asteks has clearly responded to the request in longer-lasting apron for synthetic fibre spinning. The CTA Apron Reinforced by Carbon, which doubles the operation period comparing with the conventional aprons, is ahead of apron-welded yarn defects and has proved its remarkable success in the market in the short term. CTA, which is preferred by many Turkish spinning mills, represents Asteks' commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Tough conditions are not ‘Tough’ anymore

The first in the global textile industry, the CTA Apron Reinforced by Carbon have been specifically developed for the challenges that are not seen in the production of a standard yarn. These include working with synthetic fibres and synthetic blends, lycra and slub yarn production, and coarse count yarn production (towel and denim yarn). At all of these applications, due to the higher strength of fibre and its more aggressive structure, the aprons normally start wearing and tearing off , at relatively earlier stage. This phenominen leads to yarn faults and higher ends-down. The spinners either have to change this apron at short intervals or often have to produce defective yarn until they recognise the deformation. This causes the problems with the lower efficiency and inferior quality in the operation. Thanks to the special carbon reinforced exterior on the outer layer, the CTA, which lasts as twice long as the conventional aprons, allows the spinning under control in longer period and prevents the defects.

Fortified outer layer with carbon reinforcement, CTA is also resistant to compression, buckling and breakage at fibre lapping problems with its special middle layer. The structural knurled inner layer enhances gripping efficiency, which prevents dust and flies accumulations.

CTA has been developed upon market demand

Asteks Marketing and Sales Manager Sabri İlknur underlined that the CTA Apron Reinforced by Carbon have been developed upon the demands from the market. İlknur; “With our standard aprons and sleeves we have already become a well-known brand in spinning sector. However, we have seen the need for more specialized aprons for tougher working conditions, such as polyester and synthetic blends, lycra and slub yarns and coarse count yarns. We have developed the CTA by analysing our customers' needs and difficulties. Our product, which has been in the market for last 3-4 years, has ended up the troubles of our customers with aprons in those tough conditions. We are very pleased with the returns we have received.”


Stating that standard aprons are weak against aggressive fibres, Sabri Ilknur emphasized that the lifetime of CTA apron is 2 times higher than others. Pointing out on extension in the running life of the apron provides yarn manufacturers to relax a bit cost wise, İlknur said that keeping the yarn quality under control in a long course of a time has a direct effect on productivity. İlknur continued his words as;

“Compatible with all major brand spinning machines, CTA can provide up to 2 years of service life at synthetic fibres spinning. All spinning mills that have had trial with CTA, then decided to continue production with CTA. The comfort of reliability that CTA provides in complicated tough working conditions is the most attractive advantage for the customers. CTA is currently continues to work with its unrivalled performance in many highly demanding, tough conditions, in many regions of Turkey. We aim to make this product stronger both in the domestic and international market this year. As Asteks we show once again that we are an innovative and reliable partner in textile field with CTA.”

Customer experiences confirms on the success

Customer experience with CTA Apron Reinforced Carbon developed by ASTEKS reveals the success achieved;

Mustafa Kayan, Oğuz Tekstil Spinning Plant Manager; “As an integrated production with spinning and weaving departments, we put great importance on product quality. The most important reason why we prefer CTA Apron in our spinning mill is its long lifetime and thus long period contribution on yarn quality consistency. This powerful apron is not worn during operation and does not torn, easily, it gives a nice result. The CTA Apron, which has a long lifetime to be preferred, does not lead to an abnormal quality change on the spindle from the first day of operation until the last, maintaining the consistency. It guarantees the protection of the same quality. I have been involved in the textile industry for 25 years and we are in communication with Asteks during all this time. They are a company that constantly improved themselves and very open to innovation. The managers and technical staff are very well knowleged, experienced, friendly and they are always with us as solution provider. From my perspective, they are the only leading manufacturing company on grinding, sleeve and the apron in Turkey.”

Mustafa Selçuk, Can Tekstil Integrated Spinning Mill Manager and Okan Murat Okutan, Can Tekstil Integrated Spinning Machine Chief of Maintenance (joint statement); “We have carried out a trial course before we bought the CTA Apron Reinforced by Carbon developed by Asteks with whom we have been working together for 20 years. We have seen that the life of the CTA apron is long and good quality. We were replacing the standard aprons in 6 months to 1 year periods in aggressive synthetic fibre spinnings, and we have seen that the CTA's replacement period was up to 20 or 22 months. Its long durability and quality values ​​contributes the entire production process. Changing an apron means stopping the spinning machine for at least 5-6 hours. Both the apron consumption and the downtimes of the machines have been reduced. In short, our maintenance costs have been decreased and our productivity has been increased. In general, on the bottom aprons, there would be various marks due to the pressure and the yarn quality would adversely be affected. This problem is over by CTA. In addition, the bottom aprons can be broken out for various reasons during operation and we use open aprons to replace. Because of the decrease in the breakage with bottom apron with CTA, our open apron and open apron adhesive consumption have been decreased, accordingly. Can Tekstil has ring spinning process. 100% polyester, 100% viscose, polyester / viscose blends and tencel yarn production all have the same successful results with CTA.”

Ümit Baykal, Kilim Mensucat Facility Manager; “We use the CTA Apron Reinforced by Carbon in coarse count yarns up to 6-7-8-9-10 and mainly in slub yarns and we have received very successful results. We supply our yarns to Edirne Kartaltepe integrated plant for denim fabric. I can say we receive positive feedback from our customers. We have overcome the difficulties in the slub yarns by the CTA apron and achieved a cost-effective added value due to their longer lifetime of up to 2 years. We are highly pleased to use his apron in our slub yarn production lines after ASTEKS's proposal.”

Tülay Fidan, Almer Tekstil Quality Assurance Manager; "As a company based in Kayseri, Almer Tekstil has been producing hosiery yarn, compact yarn, core yarn, dual core yarn and double yarn since 2003. We use CTA Apron Reinforced by Carbon for core yarn production. We chose CTA to prevent bottom apron breaks at core yarn production, especially in coarse count spinning. This apron is proved to be resistant against complicated though spinning conditions. We have experienced that the CTA Apron Reinforced by Carbon is unrivalled in terms of durability, productivity and contribution to yarn quality. "

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Asteks Becomes the Shining Star of ITM 2018

With Extensive Cot Grinding Solutions

Having a strong presence in the domestic and international markets with cot, apron and cot grinding machines they develop and offer to the market, Asteks introduced the textile industry with advantageous innovations at ITM 2018. The exhibition, which took place in TUYAP between April the14th and 17th, Asteks booth 302B in Hall 3 was able to attract great attention during the event. Sharing their current and further developed product portfolio with the visitors, the company has also executed the world launch of AGV automatic guided vehicle.

Underlining that they regard themselves as “solution partners” of yarn manufacturers and spinning mills, Asteks Sales Officer Erkan Yılmaz stated that ITM 2018 was very successful. Indicating that they have finalized the sale of machinery at the exhibition with 6 companies from the domestic and foreign markets, Yılmaz said; “We have sales to Merinos and Biska companies that continue their activities in Gaziantep, to Oğuz Tekstil in Adana. To abroad, we have sold our newly developed cot grinding machines and cot surface treatment by UV machines to Azerbaijan-based Mingacevir Textile and Uzbekistan Compact Textile companies. During the exhibition we also held preliminary negotiations with dozens of companies for final sales. We achieved an exhibition success over what we were anticipating with the realized sales, deals and visitor interest.”

Yılmaz stated that Asteks has been competing with global brands as a 100 % domestic firm as R&D, marketing and after-sales services play a crucial role in the competition. “We once again showed our competitive strength at the ITM,” Yılmaz said, noting that the new products had attracted a lot of attention from the visitors; “This is the first time we have introduced the 203-SF cot grinding machine with smart feeding system to the market. The 203-SF, responding to the need for high amount of cot grinding, got full marks with its performance throughout the exhibition. The cots and aprons we produced also showed their uniqueness with their qualities and their longevity. The surprise product of the show is without doubt the newly launched AGV automatic guided vehicle.”

New step in spinning mill automation: AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle

Providing information about AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle developed by Asteks, Erkan Yılmaz explained that they developed this solution first for their own businesses. Yılmaz expressed that AGV has been developed for carrying and towing in different directions at Asteks’ own production facility and stated that this device has been developed and adapted to the demands of textile manufacturers. Yılmaz said that AGV, which automatically carries the carrying and towing actions on and off the pre-defined line, increases efficiency by eliminating both staffing needs and faulty loading.

Innovation in aprons and cots; RC 750 and RC 851

The apron and cot solutions, which Asteks has had a strong experience in almost 50 years of their history, were among the most popular products of the exhibition. The RC 750 and RC851, developed for yarn manufacturers working with synthetic blended fibers, and other carbon-reinforced aprons fit perfectly into challenging working conditions. Offering longevity and easy maintenance aprons and cots contribute to the maintenance costs of yarn manufacturers.

203-SF perfects cot grinding

The 203-SF, developed for performing high-amount cot grinding, makes it possible to reduce the number of employees needed in the grinding department thanks to its smart feeding system. 203-SF can be used with dual or single feed options when grinding quickly with its superb performance. The diameter of the cots, together with the vibrating system, is measured with the laser measurement system, ensuring that all are according to the standard. Several production problems and mistakes are prevented thanks to the diameter of the cot being equal in the spinning machine. 203-SF found itself a slogan in the exhibition; "Leave it, it knows what it does”.

Erkan Yılmaz stated that they always regard themselves as ‘solution partners’ as Asteks, he concluded by saying; “Asteks is the solution partner of the textile industry as a domestic manufacturer of apron, cot, cot grinding machines and vehicles and devices towards the grinding department. We prove this with our work in domestic and international markets”.

Displaying cot, apron and cot grinding machine solution towards the changing needs of the textile industry at the ITM 2018, Asteks showed their difference with the launch of AGV automatic guided vehicle.



In addition to cots solutions, ASTEKS becomes a leading player with cots grinding machines and has boosted its care for foreign markets.

Asteks Grows in Textile with Brand New Products

With 50 years of experience behind, ASTEKS develops solutions for textile and press industries. The company bossts its growth in global markets as well as it does in domestic area. Apron and cots, printing rollers, rotogragravure, flexo and grinding machinery and press manfacturer Asteks has recently achhieved great growth in textile segment, meanwhile.


Sabri İlknur stated that textiles count for the main area they are active in terms of production and market, while reminding that tyeh mainly grown in textile industry. The company carries out Research & Development studies considering the current and possible needs of the market, which helped them to achieve a dynamic and competitive structure. Underlining that they are not sustaining competition only in domestic market but also in international areas, İlknur noted: "We added new members to our team last year in order to boost our activity in foreign markets, These members started to promote our products and the company in new locations following trainings and orientation. In August, we made visists including to South American nations and received positive feed backs. Plus, Uzbekistan, Indonesia and Iran are among countries in which we are active and successful. We are exporting to 25 countries in total. Our cots grinding machines grab great interest from foreign markets in addition to apron and cots."



ASTEKS Marketing and Sales Manager Sabri İlknur shared details about their solutions, saying that their recently launched Carbon Reinforced Apron has received intense attention of yarn manufacturers. "This bottom apron was developed for yarn manufacturers who deal with lycra, shantung, synthetic fibres. The formulation of CTA aprons reinforced with carbon increases the resistance against deformation and abrasion. The product is particularly preferred by manufacturers who work with polyester and its mixtures," he reported.


İlknur pointed to another product, GESA/OPS Hole Compact Apron which provides longer crack resistance and offers 1 year warranty. Regarding E-750 Silicon Added Draw Cot, which was launched in 2015, İlknur explained, "This apron provides solution for dirty surfaces that are particularly occuring while working with candied cottons." The company has been working on E-700 Modal Apron for the last 5 years, while the product created a comfortable operating opportunity with no need to fibre rolling on while operating with modal fibre.



Cots grinding machines developed ahd launched by ASTEKS meet a severe demand in the market. The company produced 4 different styles dependeng on usage aim. "Our grinding machines nave updated automation systems. All the production including software is done in our factory. As we are within the industry, machines are the constantly developed and customized in accordance with users' demand and expectations. Our grindig machines receive great interest due to this flexibility and variety that clearly meet requirements," İlknur explained.


202 AFT  (Automated Feeding-Twin directions) model is especially favorite of yarn companies large spindle capacity. This is a full automatic versatile cot grinding high amount of cots. Through the twin direction feature, draw frame and combing cots can be grinded on the other direction of the machine. Having a very serial operating feature, the machine is able to make grinding for 4 compact machines during 1 shift. 


201 AF (Automated Feeding) model is among the most preforred grinding machines. It is able to make grinding of 2 compact machines during 1 shift as an automated feeding serial device. Combined Grinding System; provides Drafting - Combed Cotton Cot Grinding opportunity without ravel out the automatic grinding unit. 201 AF is not using hydraulic systems unlike other competitors while if features updated technologies like Invertor Controlled Center, Bank System, Invertor controlled linear sliding sledge system, Touch Screen Control Panel and PLC Automation system.


201 MTL (Manual - Texture - With Laser Measurement) cot grinding machine was developed for textured yarn manufacturers. Diameter Measuring System with Laser measures the outer diameter of the cat which will be grinded and then the process takes place. This feature eliminates the diameter measuring work of the operator and boosts efficiency as well as ensuring setting stability.


Multi-Functional manual 201 M grinding machine provides a facility to grind all kind of cots. In short and long fibre systems, it holds grinding of Rign & Roving & Draw Frame & Camber, Texturing, Open-End, Finisher, Drafting Rollers.

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Hall 4, Booth G110

ITMA 2015 Exhibition...

ASTEKS is the first Turkish Company which took place with its stands in the exhibition held in Milano in 1976. Since that time, it has started to give importance to the sectorial exhibitions both in Turkey and abroad. Apart from the 75 percent of market share in Turkey, it has also sales to approximately 25 countries. In 2015, ASTEKS represented our country and introduced the company and the products in the exhibitions held in Iran, Indonesia and Uzbekhistan. We aim to meet our customers with new products in ITMA of this year.


"Cot Grinding Machines" which we added to our production portfolio in 2014 is a prioritized group of product and has successfully worked in the companies to which the machines were sold. It is going to be presented as four groups which are Manual, with Automatic Feeding, with Automatic Feeding - Twin Directions, and Textured with Laser Measurement in the exhibition. 


CTA Carbon Reinforced Bottom Apron, which we are going to present to our foreign customers, was developed for the manufacturers of Lycra, Shantung, Synthetic mixed fiber and its abrasion resistance was increased with carbon. 


GESA Perforated Compact Apron is one of our new products which we put on market as a result of developing labors. Our customers has used the GESA for 15-16 months.


The problem of Drafting Cot surface Contamination makes the manufacturers having difficulties while working with candied cotton E-750 Silicon Mixed Drafting Cot Grinding Machine which was developed in order this kind of cotton to serve on its purposes provides a solution and makes their working easy. We look forward to meet our guests in order to introduce and demonstrate our products that we indicated above, and the other new developed products in our stand in "ITMA 2015, Hall 04, Stand G110". Above all, we are going to be glad to be together and host our guests.

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Manufacturing of Cot Grinding Machine Started...

We, as ASTEKS, manufacture all machines used in cot production including grinding machine. This manufacturing is achieved in our company with engineers and experts who are experienced in outomation and machine manufacturing.


By using long experience and modern technology, grinding machine and cot mounting and dismounting presses manufacturing has been started.


Modification of grinding machines according to the customer requirements is possible. For example according to the dimensional differentions between texturing cots and short staple system cots, the measuring systems can be customised.

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CTA "Carbon Reinforced Apron"

The Apron of Hard Working


During the production of yarn with Lycra, slub yarn, short stable acrylic-synthetic fibre and blended yarns, a fast wearing out happens in fibre movement zone of bottom apron. CTA "Capbon Reinforced Apron" provides a solution to this wearing problem and a controlled production of yarn for longer period.


The upper surface of CTA "Carbon Reinforced Apron" contacting the fibers has a structure which is reinforced with carbon. Due to the higher abrasion resistance compared to the classical aprons, satisfactors results are obtained.

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İTÜ Arf Model Satellite Team Elated Our Country..

ITU ARF model satallite team participated in the 6th CnSat competition which was held in June 2014 in Texas/USA. We wish, as Asteks, the continuation of the success of our young people who represent our country successfully,


"Model satellite" definition comes essentially from the term of CanSat (Can sized micro - Satalleite) and there are many competitions in many places of the world. In controst to the real satellites, they are carried to lower altitudes by means of a reserch rocket and they are miniaturised satellites having smaller dimensions and lower weights.

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KARTEKS prefers ASTEKS Cots on their new Rieter K-45 Machines

Karteks Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. / Adana started up new Rieter K-45 compact spinning machines of 35.000 spindles. The company that is experienced in production of cotton, synthetics and blended yarns has preferred Asteks TE-650 compact spinning cots on their new Rieter K-45 machines. The mill manager Mr. Huseyin KADI said that they were also using Asteks products on their already existing spinning machines and mentioned that Asteks cots has given better Uster values in viscose compact spinning, has better grinding period and therefore they preferred these products.

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