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A  rapid abrasion effect accurs on fibre passage zone of the bottom apron when working with highly abrasive fibres and

systems such as Lycra, Slub, Short staple Acrylic, Synthetic fibres.


CTA "Carbon Reinforced Apron" Offers a solution abrasion problem and

provides a controlled yarn production for a longer period.



The formulation of CTA aprons reinforced with carbon increases the resistance ageints deformation and abrasion and provides; a controlled yarn production for a langer period.



The reinforced textile layer;

against torque and breakage

problems during the squeeze in possible fibre lapping.



Structural knurledsurface in the inner layer of apron; increases the gripping efficiency and prevents dust and fibre accumulations in the inner apron surface friction zones.

Optional (Depends on fibre, machine type and customer demands.)

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