201- AF / COT GRINDING MACHINE (With Automatic Feeding)


Minimum Grinding Diameter: 26 mm

Maximum Grinding Diameter: 38 mm

Maximum Length of the Piece to be Grinded: 190 mm.


Cot Grinding Capacity:

19 x 32 x 29  500 pieces/hour

The Precision of Grinding and Surface Roughness:

0,02 - 1,2 < Ra


  • Invertor controlled center motor.

  • Invertor controlled linear sliding sledge system.

  • Grinding stone motor.

  • Touch screen panel HMI 7 inch.

  • PLC automation systems.

  • The advanced grinding stone for cot grinding

  • Dust suction cyclone, cot keeping and stone grinding adapters.





1.760 mm

850 mm

1.370 mm

740 kg

Casette Feeding System; it makes easy the working of the operator with feeding capacity of 72 cot schaft.


Combined Grinding System; provides Drafting-Combed Cotton Cot grinding opportunity without ravel out the automatic grinding unit.

Automatic Grinding System; it exhibits an efficient working by grinding the cots which come from feeding and opportunity to the worker to organize the other works at the same time.


Touch Screen Control Panel; it provides an easy possibility to adjust the control of the machine according to the request such as the amount of pass which will be removed from the surface of the cot, the running speed, the revolution of center, the time of shinning of the stone.

Invertor Controlled Center, Bank System; it provides an easy determination of the running speed and center revolution which is required for obtaining the desired cot surface smoothness (Ra) depending on the cot hardness and the yarn count.


PLC Automation System; it provides a possibility of personalization of all working adjustments.


Production in Turkey; this provides fast service and spare part supply and efficient working.

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