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Hüseyin KADI

Plant Manager

(76.000 Spindles, Rieter K-44 / K-45 / Marzoli)

We have been using Asteks products for a very long time. When we bought Rieter K-44 & K-45 spinning machines with 26 and 50 thousand spindles respectively, the machines did not have cots on our request. Since we are happier with the performance of TE-650 which is the new product of the company, we employed ASTEKS cots on the machines.

(500.000 Spindles, Zinser)

We prefer TE-650 cot with 65 shore hardness for fine count yarns and we are very pleased with its performance. Its IPI values are very good, and grinding intervals are increased for this type, which also increase cot change periods. 


General Manager

Taner İÇEN

Plant Manager

(52.224 Spindles, Rieter)

The spinning plant was established in Osmaniye in 2008 with the capacity of 32.640 spindles. Today our capacity has been increased up to 52.224 spindles. In the plant, we produce %100 cotton, compact yarns of Ne 20–100 using 2008, 2010 and 2012 models machines. 


It is very well known that especially in compact yarn productions, cot shore hardness, surface smoothness and grinding periods are the most important parameters affecting yarn quality as well as machine productivity. At the end of the trial processes conducted in our plant with different types of cots it was observed that for Ne 30/1 count yarn, grinding period is in between 20–25 days.


In 2009, 2 RIETER K-45 spinning machines were equipped with Asteks intermediate and back cots (TE-650 and E–682) and the cots were put into trial during their life cycles. Consequently, it was observed that yarn quality parameters did improve in general and for Ne 30/1 yarn count, grinding period was extended upto 40 days. Based on this very data, all of the spinning machines were equipped with ASTEKS cots. Thanks Asteks, Regards. 

Ertuğrul İMAL

Mechanical Technician

(26.000 Spindles, Rieter)

As Eren Tekstil we have been working with ASTEKS cots and aprons for years and we have never had any problems. In addition to that, we have always received a great deal of “solution focused help and support” from the company. With their teamwork, they have earned our trust.


We tried the last generation  TE- 650 compact cot without any hesitations and  we have been working with this very cot for three years.  The TE – 650 significantly improved our yarn quality and the quality level could be maintained by the end of the life cycle of the cot. Furthermore, thanks to its high durability, savings have been obtained in the cot grinding periods.

Ceylan SEVİM

Machine Maintenance Engineer

(31.000 Spindles, Rieter)

Topkapı İplik, with its customer tailored products and its quality approach, continues to preserve its market share in the spinning industry. It is well known that especially in compact yarn production cot shore hardness, surface smoothness and grinding periods are the most important parameters affecting yarn quality and machine productivity. 


With the TE–650 cots,  ASTEKS achieved to combine the quality of conventional soft press with the durability of hard press endurance. During the development process of the TE–650, a 6 month trial work was realized in our factory. In the end, Asteks achieved to develop a cot, the TE-650, which has the properties required by Topkapı İplik.


The TE-650 has combined the pressure quality of a cot of 63 shore with the durability of a cot of 68 shore. The properties of the cot did not change by the end of its life cycle.


In return to the support given by TOPKAPI İPLİK, Asteks named the cot as TE-650 in which “T” stands for “TOPKAPI”.


In our plant, we have been using TE-650 cots for three years without having any problems.

We wish Asteks every success…



Chief of Cotton Working

Machines Maintenance

(105.000 Spindles, Rieter, Totota, Suessen)

When we started to employ TE-650 Cot, it was observed that grinding periods have been significantly improved. For K-44 Ring spinning machine, the grinding period of the middle cot has been extended to 5 weeks. For G-33 ring spinning machine, on the other hand,  the grinding period of the front cot has been extended to 10 weeks. These periods did not change by the end of the life cycle of the cot. Also, I do thank ASTEKS for their kind help and support.

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