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Ertuğrul İMAL

The Chief of Machinery


In our mill we produce compact yarn from 100% long staple cotton fibre. We have tried all brands of aprons for compact spinning during three years period. But their life did not exceed 5 months. We obtained a great success with OPS-GESA apron which is produced by ASTEKS. The working life of GESA apron which we use currently exceeded 13 months. I think that the secret of the success of ASTEKS is to work together with customers and to seek the success in the directions of their recommendations and claims. I thank to all ASTEKS family...




We began to use ASTEKS NT-SOFT Gesa-1 apron for compact spinning in 2012 as the first time. We are so satisfed with this product regarding quality end breaks. As latest we used ASTEKS OPS apron. We did not experience any problem of quality and end breaks and the inner cracks are reduced in a significant amount. The aprons which we mounted in February 2014 still run.


Technical Manager

ASTEKS company is our biggest cot and apron provider for many years. It is very important partner for companies like us that give big importance to develop new products and produce high value added yarns. In our latest developed compact cotton-polyester blended yarn with high polyester percentage we solved the problem arising from polyester fibre by using GESA-12 apron. When we used this apron we obtained a decrase in yarn breakages, an increase in traveller life and yarn quality as well as 10% increase in spindle speed and production. We thank to ASTEKS personnel and to Mr. Sabri İLKNUR for their self denying during the development of this product.

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