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Asteks has successfully carried its experience combined with modern technology in line with its defined principles. Asteks’s main principle is to achieve highest customer satisfaction and our aim is to make Turkey a global brand for the printing rollers via our customers’ supports.


Asteks had been manufacturing for the printing sector since 1998 and had been serving textile sector together with printing sector for the last 38 years. Our factory also manufactures aprons and cots that are used in textile string factories. These products are manufactured by 25 companies that applies high Technologies all over the world.  Asteks is within the top three within these companies with regard to quality listing.


In the light of the know how acquired from Switzerland in 1997, the roller lining department has been  enlarged and started to roller lining services for the printing sector.


The production and manufacture process is carried out in our factory in İstanbul Haramidere site that consists of an open area of 11.000 m2 and covered area of 6.000 m2. Our factory is servicing the sector with a work force of 130 people, 7 of which are engineers, 15 of which are technicians.


As well as increasing our existence in Turkish market via customer satisfactory and marketing; we also export our services to Germany, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Armenia, Kosovo, and Kazakhstan. Besides we also export to 25 other countries with regard to textile sector.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Phone: +90.212 875 11 00  |  Fax: +90.212 875 11 06

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