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21th Packaging Fair...

We would like to thank all participants and our friends that showed their intensive interest in the 21 st Eurosia International Packaging Indurstry Fair which is held between 21-25 October.

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Factory Visits Istanbul


Istanbul University Technical Sciences vocational School Printing and Publishing Technology students visited our factory to see the production of printing roller. We, as ASTEKS, wish the students a succesful life.

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We won "The Best Roller and Provider" Prize...

ASTEKS Kauçuk ve Plastik San. Tic. A.Ş.; has won "The Best Roller and Provider" Prize through the votes of printing industry members and the common decisicion of printing professionals and buyers. This success is due to the fast developments of Asteks in printing roller production by transferring its long experience gained in textile sector, giving importance to training and technical knowledge besides commercial activities, high customer satisfaction and successfull sales figures in international markets.

Everything About Printing Roller are in this Book!..

ASTEKS marketing and sales manager Sabri İLKNUR; This work covers all necessary processes beginning from the roller orders till roller service life and the answers of the frequent questions. As one of theleading companies of Turkish printing industry in printing roller manufacturing sector, Asteks has published a printing roller technical informations book. This book has been prepared by Mr. Sabri İLKNUR, marketing & sales manager of Asteks. It covers a range of topics beginning from printing roller manufacturing whose technical informations and terminiology has not been settled till roller problems and their solutions.




Mr. Sabri İLKNUR says that they have targeted to share all of their experiences and researches with printing houses through this book. He also mentions that they provide in this book all necessary details of printing rollers fof printers as well as all possible problems which con arise from printing rollers and their solutions. Mr. Sabri İLKNUR who takes attention on the use of different expressions for the same rollers because of the lack of a roller terminology, mentions that they have put some terms for rollers in the book and their target is the consious use of rollers by printing houses. Mr. İLKNUR emphasizes in the preamble of the book the importance of sharing knowledge.




"Rollers which take place in printing systems are the most important products affecting the printing quality. The correct use of the product is also an important parameter affecting the result besides roller quality. This work includes the necesay procedures beginning from the order of the rollers till roller service life and the frequent questions and their answers on printing rollers. The knowledges I had from experienced master people during my company visits, my research works and the valuable contributions of the lecturers of Marmara University Technical Education Faculty Printing Department have led us in our Works. Being conscious that knowledge increases when it is shared, we hope this will be beneficial to our colleaques in business and education areas."


Printing roller technical information book can be obtained from Asteks as free of change. For their generosity in sharing their knowledges, we congragulate Asteks and Mr. Sabri İLKNUR who present this important book which we belive that it is one of the reference books of ofset operator, as free of change to our industry.

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University and Industry Cooperation

Marmara University Technical Education Faculty Printing Department is an institution that provides educated human resources for the sector. This department has a printing house which has various printing machines providing practical training facilities. 

Asteks gives a special importance to in-mill and outside training and these training are highly supported. Fort this reason the printing roller requirements of the Department have been supplied in the frame of university and industry cooperation.

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