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After grinding the cots in short staple ring spinning machines working with synthetic and blend fiber;


Decreases the possibility of lapping on cots

Less labor work with easy first link up

Less fiber carriage to upper felt cylinder

Less production cots with contribution to yarn quality.


In highspeed airjet systems, it provides efficiency when used after cot grinding.


  • More efficiency (45 cots shafts) with large feeding drawer.

  • Automatic open-close feeding drawer.

  • 3 times more feeding and irradiation compared to standart machines.

  • Ease of use by touch screen panel.

  • Cot rotation speed control with servo motor during irradiation

  • With UV start-stop system, the UV lamp is switched off when the drawer is

  • open and switched on when the drawer is closed. Thus, safety for the

  • operator and elongated life time for the UV lamp are provided.

  • Effective irradiation density with 2000 watt UV lamp and special

  • design reflectors.

  • Optional 1000 or 2000 watt UV lamp power.

  • Easy lamp change and maintenance with the ergonomic design

700 mm

1.350 mm




1.000 mm

150 kg


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